Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ride for Breakfast with the Honda ST-Owners Group, June 4th

On Sunday, Juney 4th at 7:30am Karla and I (on my bike) met up with 8+ Honda ST riders (my last bike was a ST1100) to ride up to the Arapahoe Cafe in Dillon for breakfast. The route also includes a trek over Loveland Pass (12,000 feet) with some stunning views and we go right past a still open ski area. These gatherings are called "RTEs" aka Ride to Eat on the ST-owners forum, and the RTE to the Arapahoe Cafe has become an annual ride. The place is delicious! http://www.arapahoecafe.com/ I failed to get any food pictures (too busy stuffing my face), but trust me their huevos rancheros and granola pancakes (homemade granola) are to die for!

(my apologies, it seems google maps isn't embedding properly... Please click THIS LINK for a map)

If some of the photos are hazy and/or blurry I do apologize. There is a lot of smoke here from local and the Arizona wildfire, the camera struggled in the low light.

Still skiing!

Dillon Lake

Followed two of our friends back over Loveland Pass on the ride home

We hopped off the highway and took a smaller road home. Beautiful day for it.

FULL SLIDESHOW, 54 pictures

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