Friday, May 11, 2012

Mid week break ride, May 10

Sometimes you just gotta take a half day at work and get out to enjoy the beautiful weather! I did just that this Thursday, and man was it worth it. Went out and played TAG (a riding game on the ST-Owners motorcycle forum) and generally fooled around. Found some fun dirt roads, and some I probably shouldn't have been on. It was a hoot! I'll let the map and pictures do most of the talking. About 200 miles when it was all said and done.

First scooted up I-70 to Fall River Road which is this fantastic little 2 lane twisty blacktop that dead ends at St. Mary's. This was the old TAG with St. Mary's glacier in the background. Great spot for a snack.

Really spectacular views today. We had a bunch of rain in Denver the other day, which translates to snow in the high country. The fresh dusting of white against the bright blue sky was incredible everywhere you looked!

Decided to take a "short cut" from Fall River Road to Central City. I'm vaguely familiar with the dirt roads back here, having done them years ago in the Forester. I had no agenda, no schedule for the day, and it was just me, so aimed for the dirt ready for some fun.


There was a lot of fun before and after this, but hard to find a safe place to stop and take pics where the bike wouldn't fall over and I was sure I could get going again...

That's the Ninja down there... Bike did surprisingly well. Just put a larger front sprocket on, which raised the gearing. Definitely required some clutch play on a few of the hills, but she managed. It was a bumpy ride, that's for sure! I was all smiles.

Glamor shot!

I love this place.

More glamor...

Eventually the road leveled and smoothed out. Of course in another 10 minutes or so we would have to go back down! No pics of that, I was busy riding... This is one of my two favorite pictures from the day.

Getting closer to Central City spat us out on a regular dirt road (the type we usually frequent).

Lots of neat old buildings in these mining areas.

And of course lots of old mines, some even still active.

Back on pavement and down into Central City.

One of the most powerful locomotives in the area back in the day

I've been in love with this building, it's location and it's sweet little garage for YEARS. And guess what? It's a bed and breakfast and it's up for sale. Someday I would love to run something like this geared towards street and dual sport riders...

Past Black Hawk and up on the Peak to Peak scenic byway next. Loving the fresh snow on the mountains!


All the way up through Estes Park and a bit further heading towards Glen Haven. Here's my new TAG, what do you think? Clever I think. Everyone say  "weeeeee!"

Was going to pick up some cinnamon rolls for Karla, as their website said they are open May to October. Well, evidently not until the 19th! Thankfully Karla forgave me. ;)

On the south side of Glen Haven found a great little spot for a break and some late lunch.

HUGE thank you to my sister for the ereader!! Man it's great to have, a lot easier than carrying big books all over the place.

Here's my other favorite picture of the day:

Headed past Carter Lake on the way home, the rain did a great job cleaning the sand off the roads. It will inevitably blow back across in the same places in a week or two though.

Found some great little "farm" roads near Longmont. More huge houses with huge plots of land than farms though.

Made it to Westminster to meet up with Karla when she got off work. What a great ride! Cold and rainy here now, more snow in the high country. Sometimes writing the blog post is the next best thing to the ride itself. :) I hope you enjoyed it!