Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Tuesday Ride August 14

Every year as fall rolls closer most bikers find themselves riding as much as possible before winter sets in... Don't get me wrong, I ride in the winter, but the mountain roads are almost inaccessible to a regular motorcycle. So, hit the twisties while you can my friends! Enjoyed some paved, and not so paved, roads on a half day ride Tuesday:

The haze from the fires west of us (Idaho, Washington, California) was really bad, so no "mountain view" photos this ride. I did snap a few here and there though.

Along the Platte River

Great spot to enjoy an apple

For some reason I really like this picture, it's my desktop background at the moment

Terryall Road was sandier than I remember, but even with all the smoke it still offered great views. Some cute little cattle farms and such back in there too, along with miles upon miles of 4x4 trails. The road turns back to normal pavement at Terryall Reservoir, then lots of abandoned old farm houses and barns crop up everywhere!

Some great pavement past the reservoir

Another snack on Kenosha Pass. Sadly, I assume due to the lack of rain and extreme temperatures, some of the trees up there are turning straight to brown already. Not a good sign for fall color.

Called Karla from Bailey, she said she would be working several hours late so I had a free pass to ride around Evergreen a bit. Headed home before traffic got too bad. Nice day for a ride!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall River Road August 12

Karla and I went for a short, relaxing ride on Sunday, August 12th. It was a beautiful cool day with little wind and we didn't hit a single thunderstorm. Oh yes, so nice.

After a rather relaxing morning and a nice breakfast at the house we hit the freeway for Loveland and a visit with Dennis and his family. Little did we know his daughter and son-in-law were in town from North Dakota, it was great to see them! We played ball with their dogs and sat on their porch overlooking the lake for a while. We had planned a bigger ride today, but we were late leaving and doddling around so shortened it down. Best decision all day!

An easy cruise up the Big Thompson Canyon to Estes Park, we spotted some big horn sheep! Well actually we didn't... In the summer along any of the canyons in Colorado you don't look for wildlife, you just look for hoards of tourists stopped alongside [and in the middle of] the road with their cameras out. Then simply look where the cameras are pointing....

Up through Estes Park to Rocky Mountain National Park. We opted to do Old Fall River Road, the original road that went to the top of the park at over 12,000 feet. It's all dirt, and now one way. Very doable in a passenger car if you're careful around the switchbacks. Beautiful road, follows a creek with great waterfalls almost the entire way. Stopped at a pull off about 3/4 of the way up for lunch along the creek.

Hold your breath, a picture of me is coming!! Gasp!

Up and up we go....

Made our way through the maze that is the visitor center at the end of the summer and back down via Trail Ridge Road. Brrrrr, fall is definitely on its way. Saw some elk on top, and down through the park, but didn't stop for any pictures.

Lets see, now what do we always do when we are anywhere near Estes Park? You guessed it, cinnamon rolls!

Karla made friends with a humming bird. Well actually probably not, he was a bit miffed we were crowding his feeder...

From there we headed back to Estes Park, thinking we would take Peak to Peak to Highway 7 down to Lyons then through Boulder home as this was the faster way. Ha, we were having so much fun on a rather deserted Peak to Peak scenic byway that we stayed right on it all the way to Golden Gate Canyon. This canyon spits you out right in Golden. What a great ride that was! Almost no traffic, great road conditions, cool temperatures, no rain... Yep. Good day!

All 12 photos from the day.