Monday, September 24, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Camping

What a hot, dry summer and early fall we have been having!! To escape the weather, Karla and I packed the Forester full of camping gear, food and dogs and headed up. Way up! Boreas Pass above Breckenridge looked to be cool enough, and it was fantastic. As an added bonus, Karla had Friday and Monday off!


Luke is not a morning person...

Kodi doesn't like it when I don't let him drive...

Sweet shot Karla!

Karla says fresh moon pie for breakfast is the best decision she's made all week

Just minutes outside of Breckenridge is Boreas Pass road

Need altitude!

Soul refill

Happy boys

Found the perfect campsite. Great view, protected from weather, easy to get to and not too far up the pass.

The view

Luke says, stop what you're doing and get me my bed.

That's better

Oh yes...

Look! We have erected giant tent!

Good boys

And then...

Not much wood in the area, looks like all most of the dead fall by the campsite had already been scavenged. No problem, downtown Breckenridge was less than 20 minutes away and it was a beautiful day.

We did find some on the way back up.



Best place for a book and a beer

We both woke up to some thunder and this view

Guess we better head to the largest tent known to man, outfitted with a queen air mattress, a toasty double sleeping bag, extra blankets and pillows. Just terrible, see how Karla and Luke suffer?


Rained off and on overnight, but Saturday brought some sunshine!

Kodi was having a hard time figuring out that if he went too far, he had a hard time dragging his old self back to the campsite. So, we had to put him on the end of a long line I keep in the Forester for just this reason. You can see here how he feels about it...

We decided to head into town to check the place out, plus they were having the 25th annual rubber ducky races. Really... Evidently folks "buy" rubber ducks which are released by the thousands into the stream. There are different prizes and entry fees for different heats. Ha! Brilliant. We didn't stick by the stream, it was too crowded, but did enjoy the choice beer selection and people watching.

Relaxing in the grass is exhausting, so we headed back before the sun went down to recoup.

Sunday we decided to go see what was at the top of Boreas Pass. Another great weather day.

That men kept a narrow gauge railroad running at almost 12,000 feet during the late 19th and early 20th century is astonishing. Can you imagine the winters up here? *shudder

Got off Boreas Pass road for some exploring. Figured it's been a while since I've scraped the Forester's skid plates on anything. ;-)

Lunch spot

Dash the Forester in his natural habitat

We headed back, and this little guy was driving the boys BANANAS. He seemed completely aware the dogs couldn't get to him from the car. "Neener neener...."

Very strange power poles. Anybody know why they are built this way? Please add your comment...

Yep, Kodi was ready to be back in his bed

More weather rolling in, rained off and on during the afternoon. Very nice.


We saw a great tree down for some more wood, so after a nice rest we all headed that way. Saw some ptarmigan and bambi.



Monday dawned spectacularly sunny. We were in no hurry, we planned on not leaving until atleast 6pm to give traffic on I-70 a chance to clear out.

Dirty, dirty boy.

I don't recall falling asleep in the hammock...

The boys had my back...

Then I did all sorts of embarrassing things for the camera. Like clean the table

And clean out the tent...

Parting view heading home

Excellent weekend. We will be back. Must admit it was nice to be so close to a town like Breckenridge.

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