Thursday, October 4, 2012

Annual Fall Trip

Just as we have for a few years ago, we packed up the bikes and headed for points higher and more majestic for a weekend at the end of September. The plan was to stay in Ouray Friday night then to meet up with my parents in Durango on Saturday morning, they would come with us and share our campfire (atleast for dinner) in Arches National Park.

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It was warmer this year than last, coupled with a shorter route and later start made for some very pleasant riding up I-70. Plenty of color to keep us occupied too.

Eisenhower Tunnel

Stopped to get the camera out at the start of Independence Pass.

How about this for a lunch spot?

Kebler Pass heading into Crested Butte was next...

We stayed at the River's Edge Motel in Ouray again this year, and again we were pleasantly surprised by the entire experience. HIGHLY recommended!!

Here is the front lobby, and where we ate breakfast

 Time for the Million Dollar Highway to Durango!

Met up with my Mom and Dad in Durango and boogied off to Mancos for lunch.

Played around with this pic of Karla, I keep a camera around my neck for stuff like this:

Delicious fare, our new favorite spot

It was very busy when we showed up, I managed to snag this picture in between rushes.

Yummy. Very fresh, I think the homemade soup was the show stopper.

Next was Arches National Park, I had reserved a campsite for us months ago in the only campground in the park. Although it was warmer in the Colorado mountains this year, it was noticeably cooler in the desert. Awesome!

Hahaha.... We thought we would take an air mattress this trip... Um, a little too big!

Karla wandered off to take some pictures

Campfire cooking can be a team effort

Thank you Karla for this picture!!

Lol I don't know why Mom and Karla put up with these nuts... (and how cute is Mom's table? She goes bananas, it's fun)

Sunday started early, we were going to meet up with Mom and Dad for breakfast then hit some twisties on the way home.

Love this road... "shortcut" from Moab to I-70.

Only Karla would need to pee in a landscape like this...

Took some pics while I waited

You get so far out here it looks like another planet

Grand Mesa was our second set of twisties for the day, infused with some excellent color!

Pictures from our lunch spot

Ha, Karla trying to get service on her phone. It worked!

Great trip!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Tuesday Afternoon Ride Sept 18

Went for a short afternoon ride last Tuesday, hunting some fall color. I wasn't disappointed, and even got a nice surprise. Will let the pics do the talking.

Squaw Pass near the entrance to Mt. Evans (which is closed)

Loveland Pass, as you can see the smoke is still around

On my way to Leadville enjoying the mountain roads I started looking for a spot for a late lunch. Passed an unmarked parking lot with a dirt road leading out the back end. Turn around! Google would later reveal I had stumbled upon Mayflower Gulch, and man am I glad I did. Here's the start of the dirt road:

Bumped down about 1.5 miles of 4x4 road, even slid through a little snow here and there...

The road started to open up a little bit, I had no clue what was up ahead but knew it was going to be good!

WOW! Look at this!

I had stumbled upon the old Boston Mine, which I had to Google later as there were no signs or markings anywhere.

One of my favorite snapshots from the area:

Back to pavement we go....

Woodchuck in the parking lot!

The Climax Mine at Freemont Pass (Wiki link)

How about some Shrine Pass action?

Ran into these guys closer to Vail pass... There were easily a few hundred of them coming up the mountain. The herder was tailing along at the back leading his horse. He was, uh, interesting looking and couldn't even manage a smile when I waived. He just hit more of his sheep with his pole. Yeah, I kept moving... Great day though!!

More pics if you're interested! 63 photo slideshow