Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Karla's Christmas Cookies

Karla made the most fantastic Christmas cookies for her brother's party! They were so good I set up a little photo booth to take pictures of them all. Really worth sharing! I hope you enjoy, they had me laughing after each new one she churned out.

Packed up and ready for the party! The microfiber towels were the trick, they all made it safe and sound.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Toy Run, Dec 8

Sunday morning dawned snowy and cold, but atleast we were in the single digits and not below zero! Time for our annual trek to the Children's Hospital Toy Run. It's a motorcycle gathering we never miss, no matter the weather! We've been before in a blinding blizzard, but this would be the coldest run in our memory.

Dan, Liz, Karli, Ditch and Amy met us for breakfast. Thanks guys!

Karla and I continued on the Toy Run, with toys in hand from Dan and Liz (thanks!). Everyone else headed home.

Mmmmm burritos. We were stuffed from breakfast, but nice to see local businesses helping out.

Some folks got creative

And awesome

Which one of these is not like the others?

*love* Even better? Sweet couple in their 60s inside!

This fire truck is there every year! Don't think the guy that had to drive it in could've been very comfy though....

What's with Santa letting his elves freeze??? The other one was manning the camera, both were visibly shaking! Poor kids.

Had some time to kill, so of course we played in the snow.

The Toyota was charging a Prius. That was a rather odd situation. Owner couldn't figure out how to keep the gas motor on to charge the batteries. He said he's had nothing but trouble with the darn thing in any temperature below freezing, couldn't wait to get rid of it.

Here we go!

The organizers split up the motorcycles (well, cars/trucks/suvs today) into manageable groups. They decided to put us first for the second group! That was pretty neat. Maybe they liked the santa hat!

Great morning. We will be back next year, no matter the weather, as always.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Decorations

Pictures will do most of the talking for this post!

First, Luke got his red snow bandana on

The bins are out!

Here's what happens when Luke gets chilly. We call it the "Luke Poof."

Karla warmed him up again

Yep, chilly outside. Been enjoying these beautiful ice creations on the windows for days.

We decorated the windows a bit more

Up goes the tree, Jax is excited his favorite hangout spot will soon be ready!

Ooo, fun toy. Then I may have gotten scolded for showing Jax he could play with the decorations... Oops...

I tried to think of a comment for this... None of them come out right...

Karla fixing the lantern. I have no idea what was broke... LOL

Happy family! Minus Dante, not sure where he was.


I'm very sad this picture is fuzzy... You get the jist though, we found a new spot for our lit chilis!

Karla found a photo for our Christmas holder. Miss you Fluffy!

The driftwood is from the northern California coast. Karla hauled it the whole way back on her motorcycle! It's probably one of our most treasured possessions.


We brought this home from Albuquerque on Thanksgiving. Meant to hang it outside, but we've been enjoying it too much (looks and smells great) to take it out of the house!

Luke helping Karla get the garland just right!

Kitty nail clipping, Jax is not pleased.

Car decorating time! We found this awesome piece and just had to have it. Karla came up with an ingenious mounting idea.

Here's Dash done the next morning, getting him wiped off and warmed up for the Toy Run. He's all dressed up and ready to go, that'll be up next!