Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A little solo ride, August 4

Headed out for a nice day ride on Sunday. Karla stayed home, just me this time. I had intended on coming home via Rocky Mountain National Park, but a rather sizable storm that I could see from miles away had me choose a different route!

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This is rather an understatement...

High Park Fire area, 13 months later. Amazes me every time to see the houses they saved, how close the fire came.

More evidence of the High Park Fire, it was a big one.

Came across a group of crawlers from Wyoming.

Not sure what this was/is, had RZR seats in it.

If I saw one of these today, I saw a hundred!! Must've been some sort of rally going on or something.

Colorado 125 is one of my favorite roads within a day's ride of home. Very little traffic, no enforcement, a feeling you have the whole place to yourself.

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It's got this:

 And loads of this:

I hadn't had quite enough of this, so tooled around Evergreen for a bit before heading home

Cheers to some two wheel therapy, big thanks to Karla for encouraging me to go.

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  1. As always, the photographs are stunning and reflective of your enjoyable ride.