Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Motorcycle! May 2-3

I am excited to report I've purchased a new motorcycle! Been working hard and researching for months, found what I was looking for at a stellar price in Oklahoma City. Flew out Saturday midday, the seller picked me up and took me to his place. He, his wife and his young son were the type of people you want to be friends with. Great folks! Had a fantastic time talking with them and getting my stuff packed up on the new bike. I opted to stay in OKC Saturday night and ride home Sunday via mostly state highways. Pulled into the garage about 8pm.

Here's what I got, classified as a "dual sport." For you non-motorcycle folks, that means it's built to be ridding both on and off road.

2009 Kawasaki KLR 650
15,500 miles
Incredibly outfitted with accessories, almost everything I would have added myself. Including:
  •  Skid plate, crash bars with highway, saddlebag mounts, large rear rack and hand guards all made by Happy Trails
  • A fantastic aftermarket seat by Corbin
  • Rear brake master cylinder guard and chain guard by Top Gun
  • Large offroad footpegs by IMS
  • Small Givi hardbags 
  • Wolfman crash bar bags and soft, waterproof Expedition saddlebags
  • Front springs, emulators and rear shock by Progressive
  • New OEM clutch plates and strong clutch springs
  • K&N air filter and a baggie full of what's called pre-skins
  • Fresh set of Bridgestone tires, still had the nubs!
Now it's no garage queen, it's been setup properly and ridden as intended. No serious damange, mostly minor and cosmetic. Certainly nothing I am concerned about.

Enough typing, how about some pictures?

Safely back at the motel with my new bike. Stopped at Walmart for some supplies that I couldn't bring with me on the plane. I had intend on wiring in a new power port for my GPS, but a few hiccups forced that project to wait til morning.

Everything organized and ready, walked across the parking lot for dinner

Much better in person, but the moon was spectacular

Up early to wire in a new power plug for the GPS, easy peasy now that I had the supplies I needed.

Packed and ready!

Here's the ride home, about 650 miles:

Stopped for a few photo ops along the way

A little break

My go-to lunch option when I'm on the road.

Welcome to your new home!

Managed to dodge most of the thunderstorms east of Denver, got a little wet but not bad. Came prepared, expecting atleast some rain.

Got it home with zero issues. It's slower than my current bike, but definitely more comfortable. That seat is fantastic. I have an acquaintance coming over this weekend to look at my Ninja, I'm hoping she likes the bike and takes her home. Need to get that bike out of the garage so I can get to work setting up the KLR to my liking. Looking forward to more adventures with the new ride!!