Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Karla's First Improv/Comedy Show! July 22

Karla has been working diligently going to weekly classes and volunteering at a local comedy/improv club. She's been at it for eight weeks! This is the accumulation of all her (and her class') hard work. I am so proud of her!! Don't worry, she's moved on to the next level of courses, way to go honey!

WARNING: Some of this stuff is NSFW (not safe for work). There are some sexual references and foul language.

Breckenridge Family Gathering, July 3 - 5

Mom, Dad, Allison, Sammy, Anette (Sammy's mom), Karla and I all met up at a beautiful cabin in Breckenridge over the 4th of July weekend. We had the BEST TIME together playing games, cooking, boating, watching parades, and celebrating Dad's birthday! Allison did a spectacular job planning it all, can't wait til next year.

Our cabin, 5 minutes from downtown Breckenridge

Spent a lot of time on that front deck, we had great weather

Derby came too!

She really likes Allison. "Where have you been?"

We all took turns cooking. Anette made an incredible fritata Saturday morning

Those scones to the right? Yeah she made those too. Word of advice, if Anette cooks ANYTHING, get as much of it on your plate as you can! Delicious.

After breakfast we boogied to Breckenridge for the 4th of July parade, that was fun! Did you know people around the country put on big celebrations to celebrate my Dad's birthday? Yep, he's that awesome. *wink

Mom and Anette

Alli and Sammy were scoping out the other side, but then got stuck with the parade started! It's ok, this proved to be entertaining later...

A few parade pictures and video

This song took Alli and I right back to summer camp in North Carolina! They played it every 4th of July.

Lots and lots and lots of Jeeps, from all over the country!

And this guy, smack in the middle of them. LOL!

I have no idea who she was, but she was ROCKIN IT.

Big Prowlers group

Vipers too! I had no idea the new ones were so good looking...

Everyone loves scooters

Huge tires for navigating deep sand, snow and rocks. Latest craze.

These guys won the parade. Look what they brought down from the mountain! Yes, that's snow on their trailer!

They were yelling encouraging everyone to grab some and make snowballs! Impromtu snowball fight!! I totally turned back to a 10 year old and clobbered my sister right in the face from across the street. Pretty sure I lobbed one through the open door of the store behind them too... I swear... I'm an adult... Sometimes.... (It was awesome)

Plenty of snow to be had! Loved the sleds.

Really enjoyed the parade! Did a little walking downtown next. See Mom and Dad?

The city really knows how to maintain some beautiful flowers

Views everywhere

Good looking bunch

Next up, a pontoon boat rental!! We got one of those down there, on Lake Dillon

Our skilled captain

Happened to catch these three all sitting exactly the same way... Ha!

Derby was a perfect lady, as always. Good dog.

Back to the dock!

Sammy did a brilliant job, thank you sir!

Beverage time at the Dillon Marina bar

Alli's new shirt

Love these two!

Back to the cabin for dinner prep and the cutest impromtu dance session with Sammy and Annete you've ever seen


Happy birthday Dad!!

Time for presents!

Love these two

Alli and Sammy put together a beautiful frame of three photos of Alli and Dad throughout the years. The tear jerker? Every photo showed them holding hands. Yeah, not a dry eye in the house.

Wedding up top, Senorita ball in the middle, childhood photo on the bottom

No one cried. Really. *sniffle

Took a new holding hands picture later

Loved the apron from Mom! My dad is a really, really good cook for those that don't know.

First wedding anniversary card from Mom and Dad!

Dad surprised me with a pair of custom nametags to honor all the work we've done together

Next up was a new to me game called Telestrations. Remember playing telephone as a kid? You'd sit in a circle and one person would pick a phrase. They'd whisper it to the person next to them, who'd whisper it to the next person, etc etc til it got back to the first. Then everyone would laugh at what the phrase become? Well this is the same deal, but with drawing!

Derby decided a nap was more appealing...

We were almost defeated by the box, but prevailed eventually...

Video of some of the best rounds!

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!!! We all went to bed rather late and completely exhausted with sore cheeks from the hilarity.

Morning dawned a bit earlier than some of us expected (ha, oops). A hearty breakfast, quick pack and we were all on the road to head home by 10am.

It really was an unmatched weekend for memories, can't wait til next year. Another big thank you to Alli for putting this all together!

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