Monday, October 5, 2015

Central City Ride, 10.3

Well I might have created a monster... Karla is thrilled to have a dual sport and is pushing hard to do atleast a little riding every weekend. Works for me!

Short ride last Saturday up near Central City, an area we used to frequent often with our lifted Subaru. Great little area, looking forward to rediscovering it. Unfortunately the ride was cut short as my brand new pilot jet clogged, *grumble. Tore the bike down, diagnosed and got her running again trail side. Fresh fuel line when we got home, should sort the issue out, just need to pull the jet and clean it. Hopefully that's the last time I'll have that issue.

A few pics, not many as it wasn't a big ride. I imagine that was the last weekend for fall color as cold, wet weather has moved in.

Dirt road I hadn't been on before that connects Idaho Springs to Central City:


Karla looking great! There's a huge grin going on in there...

Our old stomping grounds:

Half way up this little hill my bike quit. Like a fuel or spark problem, didn't seem electrical.

Doh. Well with Karla's help got the damn thing turned around. Balls it's heavy, lol. Back down the hill to a wide area and we did this:

Who can name the movie reference from these next two shots? Motorcycle riders might get it, others probably won't.

Get it? I know, I know, she looks nothing like Ewan McGregor and that's certainly not a BMW R1150GS!

She cracks me up... She warned me this is how she'd great the next people that rode by if I didn't take a picture!!!

My bike running and back together again, we decided to have lunch. I didn't want to move the bike again until we could head straight home, so we just plopped down in the shade. Our view:

The bikes:

After lunch a quick ride home via mostly interstate. Cannot WAIT to get back up there. It's a pretty big system and close to home. Should have another couple weekends before it snows up there, although mud might become a problem (we don't have the bikes setup for that sort of thing). Maybe we can try again this coming Saturday?