Monday, June 5, 2017

Lake Mead 4.4 - 7

Karla's never been to Lake Mead or the Hoover Dam. We were so close and had time to kill before we needed to be in Montana, so we spent 4 fantastic days right on the shore.

I couldn't believe there was free camping at the waterline, although at the first spot we tried, the popular Government Wash, we couldn't park close enough to the water to kayak. Thankfully the next spot down worked out much better.

Man was it good to get back into the kayaks!! We've found it very tricky to use them, as we don't have an easy way to transport. So if we aren't parked right next to the water, they tend to just stay on top of the trailer. Thankfully we already owned them before we decided to go full time, and it doesn't cost us anything to tow them around with us. Cause we LOVE paddling when we can! Weather was perfect for a day on the water.

Hello Derby! She's great in the kayak. It's helpful that she wants nothing to do with the water, so we don't have to worry about her jumping out!!

Lunch break! Check out the views.

Back on the water

The water was impressively clear. We could see groups of MONSTROUS fish swimming beneath us. Don't fall in!!

These two had had enough of the paddling, time for a tow rope. Best picture of the trip I think!

Next, you can't be up here and not check out Oatman! Great little old mining town that's completely exploded after nearly dying. The gold ran out, almost everyone left, then someone figured out to turn it into a tourist hub. Even better yet it sits on the twistiest part of Route 66 in the whole country.

Another lunch spot with a view. Does life get any better?

Happy family

This one seemed to enjoy the day too!

She adores the bike, always begging for a ride. Goes bananas when we get our gear on and ask, "are you ready?"

Last time I was out here, years ago, I stopped and took the long tour that takes you INSIDE the Hoover Dam. Unbelievable! Always said I wanted to do it again. Well, Karla's not a big fan of enclosed spaces, but I managed to convince her to give it a go. So on our last full day in the area off we went. There were a few times I thought she might kill me for dragging her in there, hopefully someday she'll look back on it fondly. LOL!

Everything is so art deco. It's bizarre and beautiful. Always feel like I've stepped back into an industrialist time.

Rough tunnels heading towards the generators. Feels like we're back at the Yuengling Brewery in PA.

Air conditioners in southern California and Nevada require a lot of power...

Deeper in the dam you come across these incredibly finished hallways. They gave us statistics on the cost of just the marble floor... It was outrageous.

Head down a tiny, round walkway that forces everyone to stoop and get to this window

Here's what you see! From the angle you can tell we're well within the dam now. Don't tell Karla.

Nope. Still wasn't able to cause an earthquake. Damn.

Most of the hallways we explored look like this:

Don't go that way

We were listening to our tour guide at one point, Karla backed up a little to let a gentleman through. Well, her heal dropped into a little divot in the concrete and I believe she might have wet herself. I'm not sure if she thought she was going to fall to her death or the dam was going to fall apart and crush her or what. Knowing her it was something far more imaginative.... LOL

Here is the bottomless pit that almost killed my wife...

In case of emergency you're supposed to take these stairs back to the surface:

We were what, atleast 20 stories down? Yeah pretty sure I'd die of a heart attack way before the dam flooded... Again, don't tell Karla!

You could go down a LOT farther.

Proud of Karla for doing the tour and impressed I escaped with my head! I think her face about sums up her thoughts on the tour....

All in all, we had a great time at Lake Mead!