Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Ride Recovery Day, Sept 8

On Friday, September 6th I left at 9pm to attempt an endurance ride I've been contemplating trying for the last two years. It's called a Bun Burner Gold: atleast 1,500 miles in 24 hours or less. I finally got up the guts to give it a shot! I rode from here to Whitehall, Montana (60 miles past Bozeman) and back. Weather was great, bike ran well, I enjoyed an Jack Reacher ebook and music from my satellite radio. Actually had a really good time!! I completed 1,510 miles in 23 hours 10 minutes. Whew! No pictures from the trip, there just wasn't time. What an experience! Next week I'll submit all the paperwork and gas receipts so I can have the ride officially certified, I'll get a paper certificate to frame next to my others (4 Saddlesore 1000s: 1,000 miles in 24 hours or less) and a license plate frame.

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There's a reason I tend to do these endurance rides starting Friday night... It means I get back Saturday night and have Sunday to recover! No way I could be lucid at work Monday otherwise. After a good sleep and a huge breakfast at Denny's, Karla, Luke and I headed up to the mountains with lunch and the hammocks to get out of the baking, dry heat.

Oh yeah, I like the looks of this little road!

Karla got very excited... Pickles! Her favorite. We checked it out, but as usual we prefer staying away from "recreation areas." Tend to be too busy for us.

Kept going, found this steep, vague trail and up we went. Gotta love our Forester! Steeper and rougher than it looks.

It was trying to rain, so we setup here for some lunch

Look what fell out of the tree and landed on my hand!! Oh the entertainment!! We were nearly in stitches, had to gather ourselves before we could take a video.

Luke had some lunch too

And promptly took a nap

Rain decided to give it a rest for a bit, so we pulled the hammocks out!

These videos make me laugh every time I watch them. Ever watch someone try and get into a hammock with a sleeping bag? Yeah, NO MATTER how you try it, it never comes out graceful! LOL!!

Karla attempted the "get in the bag, then in the hammock" method...

I prefer the "get in the hammock, then in the bag" way. To Karla's credit though, I have loads more hammock "experience."

ROFLMAO. We have absolutely no fun together. None. Ever. :-D

This is the proper way to recover from 24 hours on a small motorcycle!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Storm, September 9

Had quite the storm roll through this afternoon! I certainly haven't seen anything like it, only the aftermath of storms like this. Thankfully it wasn't a microburst, we had one of those roll through several years ago and it did a LOT of damage.

I was actually getting ready to wash the bike, evidently someone didn't like that idea! I had the hose out, Luke and I were in the garage as I was getting things together. I knew there was rain in the area, but I don't mind washing in the rain. :) I missed the first bit of the storm on video, I literally scooped Luke up and put him in the house!

Before anyone worries, no damage. Some big limbs down, easy cleanup. Karla was at work with the car, they just got some heavy rain. No hail damage on the car cause it wasn't here!

I'm sorry for the iffy quality, I only had my phone on me! Didn't want to run in for the camera and miss anything.

It kept blowing and blowing!

Once it calmed down enough to be safe, I grabbed my rubber boots, raincoat (like it did any good!) and waterproof camera:

This traffic was heading right into it

My safe haven!

Ah Colorado... Itty bitty VERY ANGRY storm cells... LOL

Rain slowed enough to get the good camera out

The biggest "damage," whew!


Luke and I took a little walk around the complex

Thankfully our neighbor's roses didn't suffer too much damage, protected by the wind by her fence and the hail but a tree above

Chatted with a gentleman across the back street, he said the entire brick wall was a waterfall!

Next door neighbor said he looked out back and this was a raging river. It's the little walkway behind our place.

Got to the other side of the complex to the back street

Water went this way....

That's gonna need a hose, and look at the sad flowers!

Back of the vet next door

A little off the top...

Tree vomit. ROFLMAO!

Always have rubber boots on hand! LOL!

Then a second, small cell moved through with some heavy rain to wash everything away. Gonna have to clean out those gutters!

Whew, that was exciting!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Family Camping

Luke's balance issues seem to have finally stabilized enough for us to feel comfortable taking him camping. Certainly not a "lets go hike and 4 wheel" sort of trip, more of the "bring extra books and the hammocks" weekend. Fine with us! Tried out a new place this time, got a set of coordinates from a friend for a nice dirt road to check out above Jefferson, CO. The hope was to avoid the I-70 traffic we hit last year camping outside of Breckenridge. Unfortunately traffic was just as bad on 285, seems Labor Day one must just resolve to have a tired clutch leg. A one hour drive turned into over 2 hours...

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We found plenty of ways to entertain ourselves...

"Honey, don't you dare let that Winebego pass us!!" (A tired, naturally aspirated Subaru 4 banger isn't the most peppy at altitude on steep hills fully loaded!)

The lady driving this thing was just as interesting looking... Slicked back short hair, leather "biker" jacket with too many shiny buckles, and heaven forbid she smile! Yikes! I half expected to hear terrible 80s rock blaring from her speakers, but no, SILENCE! Eek...

I think lawnmowers have bigger tailpipes!

Rained off and on all afternoon while I packed up the Forester, saw some rain on the drive too. Double rainbow!

I've been stuck in traffic with worse views

The long drive meant a stop for dinner before getting to Jefferson. The Coney stand in Bailey is always tasty! Line wasn't too bad either, seems folks were pushing through.

Discovered Luke doesn't like long car rides anymore... Some dramamine helped, but I wished we could calm him down more. :(

Got to the dirt road after dark in the rain! Good thing Karla and I make darn good partners, we had a hilarious time getting the tent setup and everything inside so we could go to sleep. Holy soaked Batman! Didn't help that I forgot the headlamps... LOL we couldn't stop laughing!

Our original spot was almost directly on the dang dirt road. I couldn't see well enough in the dark rain to navigate the loaded, stock height Forester down the rough track and my clutch was getting a bit hot. So we just found a quick spot to set up the tent and moved to a nicer location Saturday morning. No pics, we slept well if a little chilly. Saturday dawned bright and the sun was super warm, was happy to get the shorts out! Found ourselves a better spot up the road a bit, short walk from a good place to park the car out of the way. A little creek was close by, flowing high and fast, providing a nice soundtrack for the rest of the weekend.

Once everything was moved and tarps were setup for the impending rain, we hopped back in the Forester for a quick trip to the store in Jefferson. Needed some more ice and I forgot the eggs...

Good boy Luke.

Whew, that was exhausting. Cool (low 60s) rain makes for perfect napping weather. Luke loves my Dad's old sleeping bag.

Rain cleared just before dinner time. Karla got a fire going while I manned the grill.

I think she had a good nap, what would you say??


Plenty of fire time and star gazing as the clouds rolled on.

Slept well, Sunday morning was cool and cloudy. So we repeated Saturday night: fire and food!

Those fancy Jefferson eggs added soon after...

The brown tarp you see can be strung up to enjoy the fire in the rain. Karla's not out of her PJs yet! LOL!

Some Subaru art

I think Dash (the Forester) is ready for winter too... He's trying to make his ice art of out dirt!

Today was dedicated to:

Karla's first time in her new hammock! Thanks John and Angie!

Seemed it was destined to rain each day from 2ish to 6ish. Today was the same!

No problem, back into the ginormous tent! Snuggle into the ginormous double sleeping bag on the ginormous queen air mattress! Gotta love car camping.

Rain didn't quite clear in time for dinner. No worries! Karla got the fire going again while I worked at the grill again.

Tried to get a decent picture of the three of us, but the grass in the foreground and low light completely baffled the camera. Grr. Sometimes it'd be nice to have a tall tripod!

Good times

Cute puppy

Oh, you woke me up for a belly rub? Ok.

Smile for the camera

Plenty of this

Which Luke decided was too bright and was interrupting his nap

Monday morning was bright and sunny again! We weren't far from treeline.

Mmmmm sun.

We have a pattern when camping in a spot for multiple days. On the last day, pack everything up after breakfast then you have the afternoon to relax before heading home. As Karla put it (from inside the tent), "if I was rolling up these sleeping bags knowing we were leaving soon, I would be throwing a huge fit. But no, we're gonna get back in the hammocks, so packing up is ok." LOL! Happy for the warm sun, helped dry everything quickly so nothing was packed wet.

All done and back to the serious relaxing. My favorite picture of the weekend:

I easily go through several books on a weekend trip. Thanks again to my sister for the ebook!! Makes things so much more convenient.

My close second favorite picture from the weekend:

Rain rolled in later than usual, we tore ourselves out of the trees to head home.

The road our campsite was on... The sign doesn't say no station wagons! The prohibited vehicle clearly has a trunk.


Luke was being camera shy too

Bye bye

Thankfully traffic wasn't nearly as bad on the way home. Took us an extra 30 minutes instead of a full hour.

Tuesday morning greeted us with a beautiful sunrise!! Well, I'll rephrase, it greeted me... I found it stunning and rather motivating, time to get the short week rolling! Karla said, "If I would have seen it I may have gotten out of bed... May have is the key. LOL" Guess the motivating factor was lost in her pillow!

Anyways, great weekend. Luke did really well. He only got himself lost one evening (he doesn't see, hear, smell or walk very well anymore), but we keep a bear bell on him at night so Karla went and fetched him. Kinda sad that we couldn't go for long walks or hikes, but he really enjoyed exploring close to the campsite and lots of naps in his bed! I wish his balance had been more stable this summer, we could have taken him more often. At this point just have to be thankful we could take him at all!

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