Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Storm, September 9

Had quite the storm roll through this afternoon! I certainly haven't seen anything like it, only the aftermath of storms like this. Thankfully it wasn't a microburst, we had one of those roll through several years ago and it did a LOT of damage.

I was actually getting ready to wash the bike, evidently someone didn't like that idea! I had the hose out, Luke and I were in the garage as I was getting things together. I knew there was rain in the area, but I don't mind washing in the rain. :) I missed the first bit of the storm on video, I literally scooped Luke up and put him in the house!

Before anyone worries, no damage. Some big limbs down, easy cleanup. Karla was at work with the car, they just got some heavy rain. No hail damage on the car cause it wasn't here!

I'm sorry for the iffy quality, I only had my phone on me! Didn't want to run in for the camera and miss anything.

It kept blowing and blowing!

Once it calmed down enough to be safe, I grabbed my rubber boots, raincoat (like it did any good!) and waterproof camera:

This traffic was heading right into it

My safe haven!

Ah Colorado... Itty bitty VERY ANGRY storm cells... LOL

Rain slowed enough to get the good camera out

The biggest "damage," whew!


Luke and I took a little walk around the complex

Thankfully our neighbor's roses didn't suffer too much damage, protected by the wind by her fence and the hail but a tree above

Chatted with a gentleman across the back street, he said the entire brick wall was a waterfall!

Next door neighbor said he looked out back and this was a raging river. It's the little walkway behind our place.

Got to the other side of the complex to the back street

Water went this way....

That's gonna need a hose, and look at the sad flowers!

Back of the vet next door

A little off the top...

Tree vomit. ROFLMAO!

Always have rubber boots on hand! LOL!

Then a second, small cell moved through with some heavy rain to wash everything away. Gonna have to clean out those gutters!

Whew, that was exciting!


  1. Wow! It looked like a winter wonderland!

    1. A mile from the house the news showed video of a neighborhood that got three feet of hail! City had to send in a backhoe to get people dug out. I bet we would've had the same if not for the wind.