Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bachelor Party, September 20th - 21st

Held my bachelor party last weekend! You know I rarely do anything that doesn't involve two wheels (atleast when it's not snowing), so took a whole weekend to celebrate. John and Dan joined me for a full day's ride Saturday, while Ethan and Dan Pond met us in Salida that night. Great time at the bar and a surprisingly nice motel then a ride home via 285. Bluebird weather Saturday and some rain Sunday, fall colors were really fantastic.

Did about 400 miles on Saturday including some of my favorite roads. We hit Independence Pass, which is absolutely my #1 mountain pass within a day's ride. Had the GoPro running, enjoy! Full screen and 1080p available as always if you're interested.

Lunch was incredible.... Green chili smoked pulled pork mac and cheese special... Oh man! I really wish I could've brought the half I didn't eat home. If anybody needs a good BBQ joint in Basalt let me know. Thanks for lunch guys!

The whole group together in Salida

Dinner was more green chili, in the form of a smothered burger!! Can you tell what I like to eat when I can have whatever I want?!?

Sunday morning was wet and chilly, thankfully we didn't have a long ride home and only had to be back in time for the Broncos game that afternoon.

Gateway Inn and Suites in Salida, highly recommend this place! Especially if there happens to be a wedding reception going in in their meeting hall. *wink

Where is everybody? LOL, I'm still a morning person....

There's movement! John and Dan getting loaded up

Ethan and Dan P opted to roll up on the sidewalk

Did I mention the colors?? We stopped up on Kenosha Pass for some pictures.

This didn't turn out well, kinda had a dolt on the other end of the camera, but you get the idea. Me, Ethan, Dan P, John and Dan.

Ethan rolled his bike over for some pictures with a better background.... We all kinda ribbed him for wanting to take pics of his brand new bike (totally admitting we do the same).

Then I think everyone basically figured that was a really good idea! Line 'em up!

Dan P



Lots of stories that won't be shared, but never forgotten. Thank you gentlemen!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Peak to Peak Ride, September 6th

Coming up on the last few weekends to get cinnamon rolls from the Glen Haven General Store before they close up for the winter. Weather was great, had ourselves a free morning, off we go! Went up through Boulder and Highway 36 to Estes Park, then down to Glen Haven. Home via Peak to Peak. The skies were so clear, better than I remember in a while.

Spectacular. That's Longs Peak in the background with a fresh coat of snow.

Hunting a lunch spot

Lets see what's down here

Can you see the fall color just starting to peep through?

This'll do!

The view

That's all I've got for the morning. Home early afternoon, got on with our day. :)

Lake Isabelle Hike, September 1st

Karla and I both had Labor Day off, up to the mountains we go! Lake Isabelle is a nice 4.5 mile round trip from the Brainaird Lake Recreation Area near Ward up along the Peak to Peak Scenic byway. No fighting I-70 traffic required!

Here's Long Lake, you hike around it on your way up

Indian Peaks Wilderness, been enjoying what it has to offer

There's Lake Isabelle!

These little white ones were really cute

LOL she's so good about pictures. "You want me to sit here and just wait? Ok."

Cool and windy up there... Dropped back down into the trees for lunch... Karla's hungry...

Looks like it's always windy up here...

Yes that's snow leftover from last winter.

Had what I think was a pine martin walk by as we were eating. Very pretty fellow! Bellies full we headed back down.

Went around the other side of Long Lake

Back at the bikes, Karla had a little rest

Derby too

On our way back to Peak to Peak Karla got to see her first bull moose! Three of them actually! She's seen a momma and baby, but never a big racked male. I'm SO GLAD we came across them!

Fantastic ride home along the Peak to Peak Scenic byway. Man are we lucky. Another great day. Life is so good!