Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lake Isabelle Hike, September 1st

Karla and I both had Labor Day off, up to the mountains we go! Lake Isabelle is a nice 4.5 mile round trip from the Brainaird Lake Recreation Area near Ward up along the Peak to Peak Scenic byway. No fighting I-70 traffic required!

Here's Long Lake, you hike around it on your way up

Indian Peaks Wilderness, been enjoying what it has to offer

There's Lake Isabelle!

These little white ones were really cute

LOL she's so good about pictures. "You want me to sit here and just wait? Ok."

Cool and windy up there... Dropped back down into the trees for lunch... Karla's hungry...

Looks like it's always windy up here...

Yes that's snow leftover from last winter.

Had what I think was a pine martin walk by as we were eating. Very pretty fellow! Bellies full we headed back down.

Went around the other side of Long Lake

Back at the bikes, Karla had a little rest

Derby too

On our way back to Peak to Peak Karla got to see her first bull moose! Three of them actually! She's seen a momma and baby, but never a big racked male. I'm SO GLAD we came across them!

Fantastic ride home along the Peak to Peak Scenic byway. Man are we lucky. Another great day. Life is so good!

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