Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Ride Recovery Day, Sept 8

On Friday, September 6th I left at 9pm to attempt an endurance ride I've been contemplating trying for the last two years. It's called a Bun Burner Gold: atleast 1,500 miles in 24 hours or less. I finally got up the guts to give it a shot! I rode from here to Whitehall, Montana (60 miles past Bozeman) and back. Weather was great, bike ran well, I enjoyed an Jack Reacher ebook and music from my satellite radio. Actually had a really good time!! I completed 1,510 miles in 23 hours 10 minutes. Whew! No pictures from the trip, there just wasn't time. What an experience! Next week I'll submit all the paperwork and gas receipts so I can have the ride officially certified, I'll get a paper certificate to frame next to my others (4 Saddlesore 1000s: 1,000 miles in 24 hours or less) and a license plate frame.

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There's a reason I tend to do these endurance rides starting Friday night... It means I get back Saturday night and have Sunday to recover! No way I could be lucid at work Monday otherwise. After a good sleep and a huge breakfast at Denny's, Karla, Luke and I headed up to the mountains with lunch and the hammocks to get out of the baking, dry heat.

Oh yeah, I like the looks of this little road!

Karla got very excited... Pickles! Her favorite. We checked it out, but as usual we prefer staying away from "recreation areas." Tend to be too busy for us.

Kept going, found this steep, vague trail and up we went. Gotta love our Forester! Steeper and rougher than it looks.

It was trying to rain, so we setup here for some lunch

Look what fell out of the tree and landed on my hand!! Oh the entertainment!! We were nearly in stitches, had to gather ourselves before we could take a video.

Luke had some lunch too

And promptly took a nap

Rain decided to give it a rest for a bit, so we pulled the hammocks out!

These videos make me laugh every time I watch them. Ever watch someone try and get into a hammock with a sleeping bag? Yeah, NO MATTER how you try it, it never comes out graceful! LOL!!

Karla attempted the "get in the bag, then in the hammock" method...

I prefer the "get in the hammock, then in the bag" way. To Karla's credit though, I have loads more hammock "experience."

ROFLMAO. We have absolutely no fun together. None. Ever. :-D

This is the proper way to recover from 24 hours on a small motorcycle!

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