Friday, October 4, 2013

Peak to Peak Fall Colors, Oct 3

With a winter storm warning for the following day (snow and high winds), I knew I better get up on Peak to Peak to see if there was any color before the leaves all blew off! Although not as beautiful as years past, there was plenty to see. Will let the pictures do the talking.

It's elk season! Tame suckers.

Closeup of the bull

Yes, very tame.

Best pic of the day

Second best pic of the day

My free picture editor has a panorama feature... Gonna start playing with that more!!

Woke up this morning to snow falling and winds picking up... I MAY have run outside in a robe and flip flops yelling, "it's snowing! It's snowing!" ;)

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  1. Stunning, Ashleigh.

  2. heeeeey I want to go to that pretty lake!!!!!

    1. LOL, if I had known there was going to be a lake there I would've taken you!! That's normally dry ground...