Monday, October 21, 2013

Memorial Iron Butt Ride, Oct 19

Had a chance to participate in the second annual Memorial SS1k (1,000 miles in 24 hours or less) Iron Butt ride this year! Decided to honor Jerrimy (biker brother killed by a careless driver 12/28/08), as I had intended to do so last year but there wasn't enough wiggle room in the budget. It's a limited time window, making road conditions a bit iffy around here. Thankfully roads were completely clear for a quick run down to New Mexico, but the cold temperatures definitely slowed me down more than expected! I left at 2:30am Saturday morning, the first 300 miles in the dark were 24-30 degrees. Stayed warm enough, but required more stops for foot stomping. Repeat after me: "wiggle your toes... wiggle your toes... wiggle your toes..." LOL. The sun brought light, but definitely took a while to warm me up! Didn't get much above 60 all day. Mercifully there was only about an hour or 2 of wind. Options are limited for "fun" rides this time of year, so decided to pick an interesting turn around point... Found the Smoky Bear grave and memorial is 1,030 miles round trip! Bingo!

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Even with the temperatures, a 1,000 mile run on mostly interstate is not difficult to complete in 24 hours. Good thing, cause I stopped a lot more than usual! That means more pics. :-)

Full moon Friday night! Some jumping up and down at a rest area:

Nope, wasn't exaggerating. 215 miles from home:

Got this:

Oh man, what a sunrise in northern New Mexico!! There's literally NOTHING out there but pronghorn and cows. Full 365 degree views. Sun coming up on my left shoulder, moon setting on my right shoulder. It was awesome.

More jumping jacks...

See the moon?


Made it! Had a nice chat with a guy on a BMW GS while I played crocodile in the sun. Always a bit of a shock in the fall when you realize how warm it is when you're NOT moving! Picked up a new passenger too. :)

After chatting with some more bikers, figured it was time to head back. Lots of folks out riding in northern NM, saw very, very few 2 wheel travelers on the interstate though.

A fun stop in Raton for the New Mexico tag (game played on the ST-Owners forum). What an adventure trying to get up to this sign!!

Jerrimy's signature pose, the "rocketman." Miss you buddy, thanks for keeping an eye on me.


  1. We would have met you somewhere with hot chocolate and a warm hug!

    1. Aww thanks Mom! See you in 2.5 weeks!