Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chatfield Christmas Lights, Dec 22

Another annual tradition, the Chatfield Botanical Gardens Trail of Lights. Bless you Groupon (or living social, or whatever) for allowing us to go every year.... We pick the "worst weather" night possible so we pretty much have the place to ourselves. Those that do go besides us either move through quickly, or linger quietly like we do. Much more enjoyable.

Thursday, December 22nd it was 8 degrees with 18" of fresh snow and no wind. Oh YEAH. Lets go!

No, I didn't get stuck this time. And yes, that is another Subaru next to us!

This place is magical on the right night. Quiet, almost empty.

Old tractor awesomeness

All the fresh snow was perfect

Shhhhhhh. Can you hear?

We might look like idiots, but we were warm and therefore could take our time enjoying the spectacle.

These wreathes, bows and lights hung on every fence post

Talk about packing on holiday pounds...

For some reason this was mesmerizing

Nice yurt. We wouldn't be needing it though.

We really enjoy Chatfield for loads of reasons, but one is they are always adding and improving their lights. Quite a few new things this year, these "nets" being one of them.

Here was something else new!!

Our favorite every year is this monster of a tree. That's Karla standing in front of it. Breathtaking! Especially in the cold silence.

Hehe. Look what I found...

I am sure those that know me know EXACTLY what I'm thinking and what is going to happen next...


Found this little tree house was quietly playing Christmas music.

Got back to Dash and the windows had frozen pretty solid. From the inside! Always strange when that happens.

Great evening. We'll be back next year.

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