Monday, June 18, 2012

Madame Lou Bunch Day June 16

This is the first year we made it up to Central City for the Madame Lou Bunch Day. What an odd and entertaining celebration! Very little info was available online, I just knew they would race a bed down mainstreet, there would be costumes and live music. Yep! Some pretty good beer too! Very small turnout, seemed to mostly be locals. Central City is a small little town though, overshadowed by Black Hawk that's for sure. If we don't have any plans next year I imagine we will go again.

Got up just in time for the rain to hit. Or, we thought the rain was going to hit, it never did!

Belly dancers. Not sure what they had to do with madames during the gold rush, but hey...

Karla did a spectacular job manning the camera today! I enjoyed not being behind the lens, actually.

The official Madame Lou Bunch leading the parade

Unlike the coffin races in Mantou Springs or Nederland, the teams here race one team at a time on a provided bed. Here it is:

Practicing for Pride the following day? Ha.

Setting up for the bed races

Nice costume

So each team has 2 guys and a girl. The woman stays in the bed. One man rides in the bed on the way down the hill while the other guy guides the bed. At the bottom of the hill they switch. There's even a "bed shirt" the guy who's pushing the bed has to wear. LOL it's pretty darn funny. Those beds are hard to steer and the hill is pretty steep!

Best picture EVAR! Karla rocked the camera today.

Thanks to a random stranger for this picture

There were two "high school reunion" teams, here's one of them with the high school mascot

Loved this woman. It was almost like today was the day she dressed like she was supposed to, and every other day of the year she was in costume.

How about some bed surfing!

Pretty flowers

Loads of dogs out, check out these two cuties

The MC was a great entertainer.

These two were rocking out

Another great outfit

Her little brother sat in her lap, wrapped in a boa, for over an hour.

She was pretty awesome. Dig the turquoise.

Fun times! Hope you enjoyed.

Full slideshow of 75 photos

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