Monday, April 7, 2014

Karla's Birthday Camping, April 4-6

Karla had just one request for her 29th birthday, to go camping!! Done and done! Car packed up and we hit the road Friday at 5:40pm for the Hayman burn area (140,000 acres), a great, low altitude National Forest for early season outings.

The highs would be in the low 40s, overnight lows in the upper 20s, but signs of spring were still starting to push through

Forecast said we should expect precipitation, no problem:

Our campsite is down in those trees. Beautiful views up here.

Derby drinking from Karla's hand... Derby did great, she wasn't on a leash all weekend! Recall isn't perfect, but certainly good enough to be safe.

When she wasn't running around chasing chipmunks or rolling in the snow she was... (yes there's a dog in there)

Cupcakes!! Must have cupcakes. LOL, they turned everything they touched orange...

 I re-learned that I have ZERO accuracy with an axe... Plenty of power, but if it takes more than one good smack... Well...

Karla had cut her finger at work Thursday, so between the super glue and the tetanus shot she couldn't swing the axe. Correction, she certainly would have but I wouldn't let her!! She gave our new Sven saw a try.

Time for a beverage refill! Setup our drink making station in the back of Dash.

Short walk downhill to the creek. Karla took lots of pictures.

Derby was supervising

My turn to play with the Sven. Great little tool, made quick work of a small pile of good logs.

Fire time!

"Ok!" Derby says.

Right on cue it started to snow. Beautiful.

My favorite picture from the weekend:

Karla's thrilled with her finger... (LOL)

Mmmm, hot dinner. Those are acorn squash halves wrapped in tin foil in the coals. A first attempt for me, they were tasty.

I learned a new term:

We slept in super late Sunday, right through the good weather!! Break down was interesting, but went just fine as we both love snow and were thankful it wasn't rain.

That big Kelty "sunshade" works great in the snow!

More Derby cuteness

Karla wasn't ready to say goodbye to the fire

All packed up and had a late lunch in the car (ah that heater felt good!). The snow let up, so we grabbed a quick walk. Our campsite:

There is something about the joy a dog expresses in the woods off leash.

Stopped for a few pictures on the way out.

Great weekend. Happy birthday Karla!!! Hoping to have some friends join us at the same spot this summer. Fingers crossed!

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