Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Anniversary Camping May 17-18

I'm sure everyone's figured out by now how Karla and I celebrate things.... CAMPING!! How about 6 years of dating? You betcha we're going camping!

Due to wet weather we didn't head up to Hayman until Saturday morning. Our usual spot was taken, but another great one wasn't far away. The weather was wonderful, we stayed miraculously dry (unusual for May), spent lots of time in hammocks and even took a short hike.

Derby in her "car box." We're pretty sure she's figured out what the camping gear means already.

"You! Human! With the thumbs! Open my window!!"

"Oh yeah!"

Found a nice spot for this time of year. Tent in the sun so it warms quickly in the morning. Hammocks, table and chairs, fire ring all beyond the tent down by the creek in the shade. Doesn't get any better!

"Down here!" she says

A couple of waterfalls right along our campsite. The white noise made us both sleep like babies! The rushing water also absconded away with my kinda expensive and super effective coozie!! I woke up in my hammock to see it floating down the creek. Evidently Derby bumped it and it rolled down into the water. By the time I registered what was going on enough to get out and get my boots on it was gone! Derby and I searched everywhere, bummer.

Lunch spread!



Bulges are pillows. Yes, real pillows. Gotta love car camping!

Karla got herself settled and didn't get out for 5 hours!!

Dropped the tarp shortly thereafter. Awesome stargazing after the sun went down.

Karla was finally up (lol) and split some wood I'd sawed into manageable logs.

"Would you like turn down service?"

I forgot to pack corn pokers... Karla's Spyderco to the rescue!

Sat around alternating staring at the fire and the stars for a long time. Oh yes.

This was Derby's second time camping. She was a smidge timid the first time. Last weekend she took up full guard duties! No squirrel, chipmunk, deer or magpie shall invade while she's on watch! It was pretty sweet, when Karla and I were napping in the hammocks she wouldn't allow herself to fall asleep. She'd only nap when one of us was awake. Can you see her in her coat?

We laughed when we realized most camping pictures of Karla she's asleep. Me? Well it seems I'm always cooking. Breakfast will be right up! I really like my kitchen's view...

"This way is all clear."

"So is this way. You are cleared for breakfast."

Goose Crik (er, "creek") trail anyone? Let's go!

Popular area with backpackers, plenty of dogs too! Everyone was well behaved.

We love the burn area. So dramatic.

Note, the logs on the left are a bit, em, "springy." Eek!

Derby had zero issues. She was fantastic. Greeted everyone we came across properly and didn't stray far at all.

Goose Creek

Hey LOOK!! An arch!! That was pretty cool. Maybe next time we'll stay on the other side of the creek and see if we can get up there.

To Karla's horror, right after I took this I flipped up two sticks on the flowers as I was walking away. Don't worry, she rushed in and saved them! LOL

Whew.Trail moved away from the creek and steadily up. And up...

Great views from up here though.

Lunch! Even Derby got some today.

FINALLY managed some good pictures of her!

Got ourselves an updated family picture too! (Long sleeves for me with a still fresh-ish tattoo, yes it was hot)

Headed back down to the creek

Hey check this guy out!! I haven't seen one like this around here before. We have LOADS of fox squirrels (the big brown chatty ones) and some abert's squirrels (black with the big ear tufts). This one was a new one for me. Karla thought maybe it was a grey squirrel? Plenty of those out east. Google to the rescue! Yes I'm a dork... Seems we don't have grey squirrels here. This is a Chickaree, or pine squirrel. They only eat pine cones! It was small (well compared to a fox squirrel they all are!) and super cute. Clearly not afraid of us or Derby either. We stood there and watched it naw on a cone for a few minutes.

Beautiful we think.

Me: "Hey Karla, come look! Two of those fancy beetles are getting it on!"
Karla: *comes over to see... "Let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel!!"
(ok clearly we're both dorks!)

Not sure how this coloring happened... Quite a few trunks like this. Nifty.

We drove back to our campsite and promptly cracked some beers and hopped back in the hammocks. We were in no rush to get home! We hung out a while longer, then packed up and were back in time for dinner. Great weekend! I love this celebrating tradition.

Full album here: http://coloradosmash.smugmug.com/Anniversary-Camping-514/

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  1. Now that's a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY weekend!