Friday, April 10, 2015

Karla's 30th! Lake McConaughey, April 4-6

Karla, Derby and I had a fantastic time celebrating Karla's 30th birthday at Lake McConaughey in Nebraska. It's just over a 3 hour drive from Denver. We stalked the weather forecast, had an opening for a fantastic [relatively] warm weekend and some new kayaks to break in!

A very new experience for me. Driving and camping on the beach right on the water! Absolute blast. We'll be back.

Karla got the firepit ready, how cool to just dig one!

Karla and Derby did some exploring while I got firewood.

Our Sven saw made quick work of some deadfall, love that thing!

See where the waterline has been in the past?

Itty bitty puppy footprints

Gotta start the bread early for dinner. First attempt at bread on a stick!

Oh yeah.

And then this happened, right across the water from our campsite.

And then... I like this beach thing.

Chilly, but hey it's April. Hot breakfast coming right up!

Took a little drive on the beach

Gotta have the car shot

This guy was out enjoying the unseasonably nice weather too, he buzzed our campsite later waiving.

Time to introduce Derby to the kayaks! She did very, very well. Sorry for the poor quality of some pics, our waterproof camera was, well, free.

Yep, no problem

Lunch and doggie rest a ways down the beach

Back to the campsite

I decided to try my hand at some cinnamon rolls on a stick, they were much trickier (but turned out tasty with plenty of patience).

Karla got up to something, I couldn't figure it out....


Wind picked up so we had to get a little creative. Subaru to the rescue!

Dinner's up

Woke up to cloudy skies, 32 degrees and 25mph sustained winds.... We packed up camp quick! Oatmeal and hot tea/coffee and we headed home. Weather didn't last long, was sunny and calm in Denver.

Yep. Good weekend. Missed this.

Full photo album here

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  1. SPECTACULAR in every way. Hope to visit Chesnut Bay someday. Love, Momma