Thursday, September 15, 2016

First Kentucky Backroads Ride

While we've been here almost two weeks, the only riding we've done so far has been the short (and very fun) commute to work. Well today we took the loooong way to Costco in Lexington! FANTASTIC mix of 2 lane state highways, 2 lane rural roads, 1.5 lane roads without lines, and even a bit of single lane gravel. Took a few pictures. Derby, Karla and I needed the break, the relaxation was perfect. Can't wait to do some more exploring.

Gravel!! Gotta love the KLRs.

Lots of old barns. The ones still standing almost always had tobacco leaves drying. Reminded me of my dad telling stories of hanging leaves in their big barn growing up.

We live in a dry county. Costco's here have Kirkland (store brand) beer, wine and liquor. Yep, don't mind if we do! Definitely found room for some Kirkland spice rum and anejo tequila.

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