Thursday, March 31, 2011

Denver Auto Show, March 30

The Denver Auto Show has become an annual "date night" for Karla and I, 
this year was no exception. 
A groupon, just like last year, lightened the load on the wallet considerably. 
$10 for tickets, $12 for parking. DONE. 
The groupon also allows you to bipass the line to purchase tickets, 
which on the opening night Wednesday was snaking around all over the place. YAY.

The car show for us is all about staring at the new stuff and falling back in love with the old stuff. 
We don't compare prices or engines or mpg, just gawk at cars and laugh at people. 
We aren't in the market to buy a car, so we don't take any of it seriously. 
It's a great time with this lighthearted attitude!

We found we really liked the Nissan Juke. 
There were some late 20's "boy racers" standing around saying it was too girly. 
Funny thing, I had seen two of those guys sitting in a miata earlier... 
Anyways, we liked it! 
Awesome styling, useful and happy feeling interior, nice engine choice.
Oh, and not too big! Things seem to be getting really big these days.

Our friends Timmy and Brandi just had their first baby, a beautiful baby boy named Kyser. 
They had discussed buying a minivan. Well, we found the perfect one!

What in the world... The car show mascot was a squirrel? 
Was this just the cheapest costume they could rent?

I had no words.

We found Karla's long beloved Taco, in her favorite color of course.

One heck of a candy van... Here kiddies...

Fiat 500.... Um.... Cute? Intriguing. An interesting idea. 
Didn't look at the specs but the engine looked so small 
I'm not all that sure it could handle the freeways or mountains out here. 
However, I'm sure it would illicit all sorts of immature behavior behind the wheel, 
from stupid driving stunts to "I bet I can park it there" games. 
What the mini cooper should have been...

Nice camper!

But the truck was a whole lot of overkill. Guess that's what a car show is all about!

BMW always has some of their bikes there. No K1600 though. 
Karla got to sit on her dream bike again, the 650 
(although would prefer the offroad oriented GS version).


I'm a sucker for huge rear ends, especially BMW huge rear ends... 
The X6 has been a favorite since it was released. 
Ooo beautiful in a "it's gonna eat me" sort of way. *drool

The 550 GT (Grand Tourismo) was much better looking that I expected. Wasn't here last year.

Another very nice large BMW rear....

Sadly, BMW did not bring ANY wagons. :(

But, they did bring this little guy. 
A rather expensive way to encourage boy racer behavior for folks with very deep wallets: 
the M badged 1 series. 
Karla, along with a whole host of young guys too inexperienced to appreciate the car 
for anything more than it's color and fat fender flares, loved it. 
I would bet Karla was the only one who knew just how good the car was! 
The rest should get back in their Scions and civics. HA.

Lets see... Nothing new at the Subaru booth, besides a very fine looking and friendly sales woman, who was as educated and nuts about Subarus as we were. Awesome. We did catch the new Explorer. Why a car based SUV needs a traction system with a "mud" and "rock" option I have no idea... (we didn't like it, but didn't expect to). The Dodge Power Wagon was there. The real new one, not the recent posers with no locking differentials or winch. We admitted we like our suburban better, although it was a sweet truck. The Grand Cherokee took us both by surprise, we liked it. Good looking, simple, effective. The front facade wouldn't be all that great offroad, but everything else looked pretty tight for a big SUV off the factory floor.

Speaking of Jeeps, at the back of the show was this "test track" where a Jeep company driver would ride you through it's "paces." They had wranglers and the grand cherokee. I desperately wanted to go borrow an Outback or Forester and put them all to shame! Just showed Karla and I that the Jeeps were perfectly capable at jumping whatever curb you threw it at. LOL (and don't get us wrong, we like Jeeps!)

One more shenanigan before we left... Whoops, sorry!

We had a great time. Will look for a Groupon again next year!

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