Thursday, February 17, 2011

Snow! February 8th

Yep, we got some more! 
It melted a little cause it was so warm, then this thing blew in 
like a crazy witch the evening of the 7th... 
Took this at about 9:30pm, in my PJs. lol

I couldn't wait to see what the morning would bring... 
Weather report was calling for 8 inches or more, SWEETNESS. 
Ha, I could hardly sleep, like a kid on christmas eve. 

Well, the morning was a pretty big let down in inches, but hey we still got some! 
The wind and really cold overnight temperatures kept the plows from making much progress 
overnight, so there were loads of numb nuts out getting stuck everywhere... 
They eventually closed the hill in front of the house and brought a few plows in to sort things out. 
The ridiculous thing is, a few blocks east is another main 6 lane road that 
runs parallel to ours with much smaller hills... Idiots....

Thankfully today Karla had been asked to come in late to help cover a special event, 
so once my morning work was completed I was able to take her to work. 
The roads were still an utter mess, was glad it worked out that I could take her. 

As soon as I got home, it was clear I had some shoveling to do! 
Thankfully we had the foresight to clean out all the snow out of the courtyard the day before... 
But, the wind still made a rather big mess in here!

Oh, and I might add Luke was no help at all.... His take on snow days:

Careful where you stand!!

Got all the snow out of the courtyard and into a huge pile on the other side of the fence... 
That took up my whole lunch break! 
Thankfully it had been very cold overnight, and was still only 0 degrees, 
so the snow was rather fluffy.


Back to work, but I knew we would be heading out later...

Fast forward... Yay work is done and it's time to play. 
It was now 2 degrees and a bit windy, putting the windchill at -30. 
Ok, even I will admit that's a little chilly, but that means the park should be totally empty! 
Going to pull out all of Luke's layers for this one. 
Two long sleeve coats and a thick fleece neckwarmer. 
I wish I could get him to wear boots, but he won't hear of it.

Off to the park. Geese have decided to lay in the middle of the road today, 
which drove the dogs a bit bonkers.

Dressed to impress!

Hurray fresh tracks!

More than a few points I was wishing for my snowshoes... Whew! 
Between the temp/wind combo and the snow, we cut the walk in half compared to our normal loop. 
This, of course, was fine by Luke!

Usually we would go around this second lake as well.

Evidently I wasn't the only thing steaming today

Lots of ducks enjoying nature's hot tub

What a beautiful day

Wind obscuring table top mountain in Golden

Favorite shot of the day

Haha, also dressed to impress... NOT. 
With cold induced asthma I unfortunately have to cover my mouth for aerobic activity at anything 
below 25 degrees to try to warm the air when it hits my lungs. With conditions so cold today, well... 
This meant even with nothing but a tshirt under my jacket and the pitzip vents open I was so 
toasty I had to keep my gloves off. Better for taking photos I guess! 
Haha, warm hands... Sometimes it's nice being a walking heater....

Subaru commercial?

Boys passed out completely after their doses of pain pills to help with old man joints. 
At 12 (Kodi) and 13 (Luke) they need a little help these days.

The 53 image slideshow is worth a look, have some captions too.

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