Thursday, February 10, 2011

Motorcycle Ice Racing, January 30

This will be the second year that Karla and I have joined some motorcycle friends to watch ice racing north of Woodland Park. 
We had a great time last year and this year was fantastic! 
Dan and his fiance Liz, John, Karla and I rounded out the group that went.

The weather was pretty spectacular. 
Warm (like tshirt and sweatshirt warm most of the day) with minimal wind (in an area known for high winds!).
We were lucky to snag the same spot we did last year, on a hill above the lake. 
It's a bit protected by wind, away from the crowds/noise, and, well, NOT ICY. haha. 
Here's our view:

The races were awesome, as always. 
All types of stuff, from bare and studded motorcycles, 4x4 quads (bare), 
2x4 sport quads (bare and studded) and 4x4 sport quads (bare). Even the kids got in on the fun. 
Here's a bit of a sampling:

...pure awesomeness...

Our friend Dan had made the excellent suggestion of doing burgers this year, 
he even snagged a small portable grill for the occasion. 
Everyone chipped in a bit to help out with supplies. 
That's Dan arranging the burgers, and John getting a bit ahead of himself. LOL

Karla and I brought our table, and the big tree stump made a perfect grill platform.

Liz, who is a professionally trained chef, cooked them up just right.

The day was so warm even Luke enjoyed himself with minimal fuss

"May I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease have a hamburger?"

John and Dan went down to the ice to get a closer look. 
I stayed up on the hill, ready with the camera zoomed in in case they fell... 
Unfortunately, they kept their footing. LOL

Kodi was sure to "babysit" Liz and Karla

I am sure John and Dan considered asking this little man for a ride

Lots more racing! Went pretty much steady from 8am until 4pm.

Rocking the old school! 
John filled us in, 
evidently when he was younger he managed to ride one of these long enough to get good,
and NOT kill himself in the process...


John thought up a brilliant seating arrangement in the back of his HD diesel Dodge.... 
Can you see Liz's thoughts on this? LOL

The medical team (the rider was just fine)

A compilation of some videos of the races... 
Didn't edit over the sound so you can hear the NOISE some of these machines make!

Here's some video of the kids playing by the track, 
as well as a helicopter that made frequent appearances!
We were not far from the Air Force Academy, figured some cadets wanted to watch the action!

It was a great day.... This will definitely continue to be an annual outing for Karla and I.
The drive home was beautiful as well, we took the back way both ways, avoiding freeway entirely.

View the entire album here, 35 photos.

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