Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow! January 9th and 10th

Karla and I woke Sunday morning to a beautiful sight, our first measurable snowfall! 
This winter has been rather warm and very dry, this was a wonderful surprise.

 First thing is first, clean up the snow! 
We always shovel out our neighbor's courtyard and her "driveway" along with ours, 
she's in her early 70s and can't do it herself. Plus, it's fun, and she's an awesome lady!

 Can you see who is dying to go play?

With both courtyards and driveways done...

 It's time to go play!

A few of the best pictures from the day:

 Luke has this pitiful, poor-me face down to a science
Don't be fooled, he is plenty warm and enjoying himself!

Kodi got sick of the picture taking....

Luke of course didn't mind at all!!

About time to head home... Gotta be careful, Kodi will utterly overexert himself. 
He was obviously quite happy that we FINALLY got some snow!

The snow picked up again pretty good after we got home... Remember we had cleared the cars? 
Well, here's what we saw around 10:30 before hitting the sack

Looks like I would be taking Karla to work in the morning!

Yep, definitely a good idea... Up early to clear off Dash and get him ready...

I measured 6" in the courtyard, but that's a bit sheltered. 
Wheat Ridge reported 8" total. A good storm for Denver!

Here is a full slideshow of the photos from those two days, with captions! 28 pictures total.

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