Monday, December 5, 2011

Caroing, Christmas lights, Toys for Tots... Dec 2-4

What a great and busy weekend! The weather was FRIGID, especially for this time of year, and plenty of snow to go along with it. Rather than do multiple different blog posts for everything we did, I thought I'd try bundling it all together in a sort of "Weekend Edition." So here we go!

Friday I took Karla and the boys to Golden for their annual caroling and christmas lighting celebration! It was about 19 degrees with a light breeze.

Getting ready to walk down main street. Everyone had candles, but many (including me) had one heck of a time keeping them lit in the light wind. I think the whole town showed up! We would love to live here.

Rapping Gingerbread men? They even had family friend (aka really tacky) christmas rap music. I dunno who thought of it, but the kids loved it.

Luke and Kodi were very good boys and seemed to have a good time! Both got lots of attention. Here's Luke with three coats and a neckwarmer on, hey atleast he was toasty!

Beautiful. We will be back down there next weekend, hopefully to enjoy a carriage ride.


Saturday we were up early to... SNOW! It was beautiful. Measured 6 inches in the courtyard out of any wind.

LOL you should've seen Karla's car! It got all poofy!!

Poor Mickey...

THIS is why I love having a Subaru, and was very pleased I took the time a few days prior to get the snow tires swapped on!

Kinda hard to see, since everything is the same color... But can you see the snow on the roof? It's beautiful.

Kodi's happy!

Off to our favorite family owned motorcycle gear shop for their huge annual end-of-season sale. WOW there was some great stuff! Thankfully we aren't in desperate need of anything, so we only got a few small things. Then we had some errands to run...

Karla's not so pleased with my parking spot... Bwahahahahaha!!

Time for some more Christmas decorating then it was time to head downtown! Tonight we were going down early for the Parade of Lights! Our friends Dan and Liz would be joining us as soon as they could. No problem, we were all over saving a spot. Temp dropped down to 20 degrees, the snow quit around noon and there wasn't any wind! How perfect is that to celebrate a Christmas tradition?

We arrived an hour early and we picked out a perfect spot towards the beginning of the parade.

I didn't get a whole lot of pictures of video this year... Is everyone sitting down? Cause I have a huge announcement to make! I put down the camera and was social! *gasp! It really was a great, and rather different experience. I enjoyed it! So how about a few short videos. The parade of lights is a pretty big deal with LOADS of major sponsors and tons of high school and college bands. Very entertaining, it's why we go back year after year. Oh, that and Liz makes awesome hot chocolate. *grin

Karla and Liz have these glasses from atleast a year ago they save just for this! They turn all the lights into little dancing snowmen. Or snowflakes. Or something like that....

Look at the cute, just married couple!

All four of us are members of the silly hat club!!! LOL.

Great night! We'll keep coming back.


Sunday morning we woke bright and early for another annual Christmas tradition of ours, the Toys for Tots benefit ride for the Denver Children's Hospital. Now normally this is a motorcycle benefit ride, but the roads were still not clear of ice and snow, so today it was a car benefit run! At 12 degrees, I can't say I was all that upset.

We met up with John, Ethan, Jen and Dan for breakfast at our usual spot, then off to the Aurora Sports Park for the staging. We always meet up early so we can be in the front group, which gives us plenty of time to kill! Doing....

(Dan in the green, Jen in the purple, Ethan in John's truck)

(Karla and her brother Ethan)

(This had the whole crowd laughing)

Big thanks to Aurora PD for blocking traffic! We even saw our ST-Owners friend John working one of the intersections. Unfortunately, they all look the same in their cold weather gear until you get too close to get a picture, so we totally missed him with the camera!

When the benefit run is on a clear day (it's always cold) folks will come out and line to streets to wave and look at thousands of motorcycles. We still had a brave few this year!

Pulling into the hospital

John was pulled aside and interviewed by one of the news channels! I have no clue if he made it on or not though.

Great benefit as always. Thankfully LOADS of people showed up even though they had to bring their cars. I hope the hospital got lots of toys! We'll be back next year, hopefully on the bikes. Karla was very excited to ride this year. :(

We didn't hang around long as we were off to help Allison and Sammy (my sister and her boyfriend) move her stuff out of her storage unit into their new apartment. Yes, it was 18 degrees, but hey it wasn't snowing so atleast her things wouldn't get wet!


Fantastic weekend full of a lot of fun stuff! I'll tell ya right now though I feel like I'm still recovering. Can I go back to bed yet? Whew, I must be getting old! After a high of only 9 degrees yesterday and temps below zero this morning, we are finally warming back to our usual December weather. This weekend we have more fun things planned with fun people, but thankfully not as jam packed!!

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