Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vail Christmas Surprise, Dec 17-18

This will be Karla's and my first Christmas together, so I wanted to surprise her with a little weekend getaway. After weeks of stalking internet sites, I found us a deal on a hotel for last Saturday night in Lionshead Village, which is part of Vail.

Check out the view from our room

I'll let the pictures tell the story... Lionshead and Vail Village are, well, like a movie set. They are so unreal. So clean you could eat off the road, full of as many foreigners as Americans. Ice skating rinks, classy Christmas lights and statues everywhere. Fancy clothes, "interesting" attitudes, all sorts of rich and famous acting folks. We discovered even the locals don't act like normal people. Oh, and the only chain place we saw there? Starbucks. The place was beautiful. I'm so glad we went, it was a site to see. We walked all over, ate some fantastic food, checked out a whole bunch of high end stores with stuff we never even knew you could buy, and the people watching? Unparalleled!

We spent plenty of time sitting on the second floor of this plaza watching people and the skaters. From the second floor you look over the ski lifts.

Ha, most of the stores sold these... I didn't dare ask how much they cost.

We found this in the only "grocery store" in Vail.

Our lunch spot on Saturday

Karla saw this woman and said, "it's like she chopped a bunny's head off and stuck her foot in it!" LOL I almost died laughing.

Lots of outdoor gas fireplaces

This fountain captured my attention for a good 5 minutes.

You know Karla and I can't help but have a little fun

And we spotted this place.... Really the only thing that didn't look like it belonged. It seemed every other shop, bar, hotel, resort, restaurant was carefully planned and placed. But not this:

This really got fun once folks started coming off the slopes. Loads of folks to watch then!

Check out the woodwork on this building

Karla found heaven in the best stocked candy store I've ever seen! These are M&Ms!

Check out these little models! Found them in a window of an art gallery.

We made our way over to check out the tree lighting ceremony. There were people in these trees!! The white one tried to steal my hat! Haha, awesome.

Well, we got tired of waiting for them to stop yabbering and light the darn tree, so we headed down to a highly recommended local spot. Thanks to Alli and Sammy, this place was a total score!

Happy hour drinks, friendly service, [relatively] cheap food, tasty!

Came back out to see the Christmas tree had finally been lit. We enjoyed our dinner and drinks much more! This statue is awe inspiring though, and huge!

Remember the fountain from earlier? The light it on fire!!

Breakfast Sunday morning, nothing but the best!

Wandered around some more, people watched, met up with an old friend of Karla's that was actually helping a friend move from California to Michigan. Another beautiful day.

View from lunch, we were back at the second story above the ice skating rink soaking up the sun.

Took a walk along the creek on the path that connects the two "villages"

Beautiful homes, many with heated driveways

Dinner at Vendetta's, caught the tail end of the Broncos game too. Holy cow that's some GOOD PIZZA.

Odd, but neat statue at the ice skating rink we frequented. Check it out, it lights up and changes colors! Oh, and yes, it was huge too.

Fantastic, relaxing weekend that we both needed. Vail was an experience, that's for sure! We do hope to go back for a day another time this weekend, there's a tubing hill we want to tackle...

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  1. Stunningly beautiful. Brought back memories of when we were in Vail as a family. So happy you treated yourself to something so nice.