Thursday, June 20, 2013

24 Hours of LeMons, June 2

I had heard about the 24 Hours of LeMons race from an east coast Honda ST rider, sounded like a blast to go watch. Who knows why, I never thought to check and see if they had one in Colorado. Light bulb! They sure do, out at the High Plains Raceway, about 70 miles east of us. The hard and fast rule about this 2 day event is, besides safety equipment, each car can't cost more than $500 when it hits the track. Hahahaha, IN!!

Packed up the chairs, lunch and some beers (Busch Light, perfect for the occasion!). A few picture worthy rigs in the pits:

I raise my beer to you sir:

This team didn't get back on the track until the final few laps, limping around to see the checkered flag. Classy!

Caught this Mini pitting... The "flag" is colored duct tape! Again, raise my beer. Going to get drunk if I kept toasting every redneck....

Ha, I liked what this guy had written on his doors: "More speed holes than our light car. This car is pretty much the same sorry mess it was last year. Nothing has been improved. Theme costs have been minimized." Ha.

Pictures of racing are boring... Especially when you're camera isn't good enough to capture the (rather slowly) moving race cars... This one is worth posting though, the team that brought the Volvo station wagon is my hero. Again, raising my beer... (And yes, that's a Neon with a q-tip on top, good thing this is light beer!)

Only a few cars had sticky enough tires to manage some 3 wheel action! This guy would reliably throw up a leg at this corner every time. There goes more of my beer... (You'll see this guy in the second video)

Right! Video! So much more entertaining. I apologize for the wind noise, Karla does some car naming later in the video that's worth listening to.

This one didn't make it into the edited video above (Windows Live programs can be rather buggy, but hey, they're free), but is certainly worth watching!! "LEMON!!!"

Remember that 928 from the video? Here's a pic, LOL!!

We had a great time! I imagine we'll be back next year, maybe try and catch the first day of racing.

Here's a slideshow of all the stills, 33 pics.

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