Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ditch's Big Day!!

Several months ago our friend Ditch (aka Pete) came to us and John asking for some help putting together a scavenger hunt type ride for his girlfriend Amy. He'd thought up an awesome route with stops at places that meant a lot to the both of them, with clues at each one to guide her to the next. Lots of good friends and family were involved in the planning and execution and man did it come off spectacularly!! Amy had no idea, only that we were going for a ride. Ditch dropped her off at the barn in the morning and sneaked off, Amy wouldn't see him again until the end of the day! There was a wonderful surprise waiting for her...

The group started small, three bikes. Karla and I rode my Ninja so she could get pictures and keep folks updated as to our progress. Doug and Scott on their bike, Dank borrowed Ditch's bike and John was in charge of chauffeuring Amy, who we were calling "The Package."

Waiting on the text with the ok for John to pick up Amy at the barn down the street...

The Package is here! Karla had the clue for the next leg. John, Karla and I knew exactly where to go all day, but played dumb (not hard!) and let Amy figure it out.

Every clue was a creative, heartfelt letter from Ditch, what a guy! This one was a an explanation of the day, well sort of: today was Amy day! According to Ditch, he came up with this great idea among our biker friends to show our partners how special they are to us. Each of us would rotate and have a day for our partners, with all sorts of special things set up just for them. Today was Amy's day. Yeah, thanks Ditch, now we're all screwed!! ROFLMAO!

Here we go!! The Package is safely tucked in.

The first leg took us up to the spot in Golden Gate Canyon State Park where Ethan and Jen were married. This was a special place for Amy and Ditch, a moment of intimacy and realization of really how important they were to each other.

Beautiful day for it!

A little chilly for waterskiing though! Brrr!

The Package is happy!

Dank, Dough and Scott looking like they're having fun too!!

Up Golden Gate Canyon Road, Karla's rocking the camera!!

Who likes some 1st gear uphill turns? WE DO!!

We don't mind a little bit of dirt either, check out those views!!

Jen and Ethan were waiting for us up at the wedding site.

Yep, The Package is still happy

Ethan gave a really nice little speech!

Jen had some beautiful things to say too

Time for the next clue!

Ethan and Jen joined the ride

Dank, Doug and Scott

Oooooooh yeah

Time to ride the lovely Peak to Peak scenic byway, aiming for lunch in Boulder.

Excuse me sir, may I have another?

Down Boulder Canyon

Yep, The Package is still happy!!

Enjoyed a great lunch at Mad Greens in Boulder and picked up some new riders! No pics from lunch on our camera, our batteries aren't holding a charge well anymore so we have to conserve.

Dan and Tracy, Harry and Carla joined up for the rest of the day. Next stop, the Pizza Hut in Fort Lupton! Ditch used to work there and Amy would visit him there when they were young.

Out of the foothills and onto the eastern plains we go. Beautiful skies, green fields, warm temps. Oh yeah!

Plenty of other riders out east, waives all around

Best pic of the day!!

Left column, Doug and Scott, Harry behind them. Right column, Dan and Tracy, Ethan and Jen, Dank and Carla.

Next clue at the Pizza Hut, Amy's best friend flew in for the occasion! Ssshhhhhh, The Package doesn't know what's going on yet.

Time for a surprise detour....

Who are those folks I wonder?

Amy's family and friends, both local and out of town, all lined up!!

This is just a parade loop, we have another stop to make!

John and The Package

Ethan and Jen

Dan and Tracy


Dank and Carla (Carla is Harry's wife, Dank's wife Liz was busy with another job vital to today's ride!), Dank's incredibly excited, he hasn't been on a group ride in a few years! Busy with a wedding, a beautiful baby and a poorly running bike.

Perfect day!

Time for just a little more dirt, almost there!

We raced ahead to get a video of everyone rolling in:

Amy getting some rounds off, and taking plenty of flack! Way to go Amy!

Here it comes!! Well done Ditch, well done!

Loads of pics of everyone before and after the proposal in the slideshow, take a look if you're interested!! Here's my favorite, that's Ditch with the shotgun:

Back to the house we go, time to spend some time with all the friends and family!! Liz prepared an amazing spread of delicious food for everyone, it was great.

What a great day! Was honored to be a part of it. Congratulations Ditch and Amy!!

Full slideshow, 172 pics.

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