Thursday, July 11, 2013

Renaissance Festival, June 30

Managed to score us some half off tickets for the Colorado Renaissance Festival this year, woohoo! It's great fun, totally worth several hours of our time. It's really a great gathering, unlike many near a big city. It's peaceful, entertaining, kid friendly with just enough twists to keep the adults laughing.

Awesome outfits everywhere you look, folks really go all out!

Hehe, their fluff was blowing in the breeze, not sure why it was so funny!!

(sorry for the rotated video, dumb dumb here was holding the camera the wrong way...)

Karla's drawn to shiny things... She was hunting a puzzle ring, found one later in the day.

Should've had the video camera rolling on this guy, he was hilarious!! The sign where you pay for the tomatoes to throw at the guy said something like, "this is an insult game, do not play if you don't have thick skin!" Hahahahaha, the insults this guy was throwing were way better than the tomatoes!


Yep. Some awesome stuff, usually tucked away so as not to be obvious to the loads of kids at the fair.

Hehe, different levels on this game: postule, plague flea, tit-mouse, cock, skullery maid, stable boy, kynge. Ha!

Last year it was sunny, hot (95+ degrees) and rather uncomfortable. This year? Cool (75), breezy, with a few sprinkles. PERFECT.

These guys were rocking the bagpipes and huge drums with rock and roll hair!

"Frockery." *snort

Eh? Sign says, "It's not a cheap wine, spaghetti sauce, or a fuzzy animal."

The Washer Women are our favorite show, not to be missed! Ha-larious, get us laughing so hard we're crying every time.

If you've got the time, enjoy some video of their show!

We tend to tip them well, they earn it!!

Awesome time, the cooler weather was certainly appreciated! Motorcycle parking right up front is an added bonus. Will keep an eye out next year for more half price tickets.

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