Friday, July 11, 2014

Derby's First Moto Camp, July 3-4

Derby and I had a little time to kill so Karla gave us the blessing for an overnight camp trip. Just had to be back down in time for an annual 4th of July party in Castle Rock! No problem, don't have to go far around here to get out of the heat and into the woods. We ended up on the other side of Berthoud Pass, about 6 miles before you get to Winter Park. Not bad for the holiday weekend, it's probably the biggest camping weekend of the year around here. Derby did fantastic, I managed to fit everything I like to take with me on the bike, we had a nice relaxing time. Not much to report, but do have a few pictures.

Right next to two creeks, one fairly sizable that drowned out the noise of some neighbors across the way. Like I said, great luck for how busy this holiday weekend is!

Pooped puppy

Derby, meet Sven. Sven was a Christmas present. Sven makes quick work of dead fall so we can have a fire. I love Sven.

Happy place

I was pleased I could get all my gear out of the rain plus have her carrier in the tent with plenty of room leftover for me. Good trial run.

My favorite pictures from the trip:

Good girl Derby!

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