Friday, July 11, 2014

Glen Haven, June 21

I'm sure everyone remembers Glen Haven and our infatuation with their General Store's cinnamon rolls. Well, the small town sits where three creeks converge, which during the big flooding in August 2013 turned into three raging rivers. The place was pretty decimated and still just trying to even just rebuild roads. The General Store was able to reopen the week before, so we couldn't get up there fast enough. It was our first trip up since the flooding, wow. Had the GoPro rolling. I'll let the images do the talking. I'm still amazed no one was hurt or killed.

Many of the building are still missing "downtown." You'd think the place would be a ghost town, but there are people everywhere! Rebuilding, hanging out at the firehouse, getting cinnamon rolls. Great to see. Way to go Glen Haven!

Yep. Still the best we've ever had.

We stopped for a picnic lunch along Golden Gate Canyon before we got back down into the heat of Denver. Derby's doing fantastic off leash, just hanging out with us.

Karla made a friend

Yours truly (in rather desperate need of a haircut, yikes)

Really enjoyed the day. Wonderful to be back up in Glen Haven. What heart that place has. Inspiring.

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