Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Medicine Bow NF Solo Camping, August 1st - 3rd

Last weekend Karla had a big 5k walk planned with friends downtown. Thankfully she knows me well enough to give me a kitchen pass! Wading through the hoards is not really my cup of tea... Last time we went camping I was surprised at the volume of traffic on I-70. It was really bad!! So we headed north to the Medicine Bow National Forester in Wyoming this time. Here's a map of where we went over the weekend, or you can click this link to navigate (zoom in) and such: https://spotwalla.com/tripViewer.php?id=ad6053dfef074bf33

We found ourselves a nice little secluded spot... Did not see another soul come through, although we'd occasionally hear an ATV or dirt bike ride by on the larger dirt road we came off of.

Dinner time. Derby says, "do I smell sausage?"

I fed her then this happened...

So cute!

Basil chicken sausage, bell pepper, carrot and sweet onion. Add a good beer and a new book. Oh yeah.

I haven't been up in Medicine Bow in a long time, I forgot how quiet it was! Perfect for a serenade.... Turn up your speakers!!

Man I love their song. Grew up going to sleep to it. Here's an even better one as they moved in a bit closer once night really fell. Thankfully Derby has a good head on her shoulders and has always stayed very close after dark. Kodi on the other hand wanted to go check them out, used to have to tie him up!

Whew, that was a chilly night... Used the hammock as an extra blanket for Derby, she was quite toasty thankfully. She has a coat on too!

Found ice on some of the gear and LOTS of moisture. Not gonna be sitting in that until it dries...

We slept in a bit then made like crocodiles in the sun with breakfast.

Derby had her own way of warming up... Full frontal squirrel assault!! This went on all morning...

Nice short day ride in Medicine Bow, first stop was Walden, Colorado for fuel and water.

"What? I was just gonna take a nap!"

GoPro time! As always, feel free to crank up the quality to 1080p.

The Snowy Range Mountains are... Well, pick an adjective. Stunning.

Brace yourself for too many pictures.

Cell phone picture that required some serious digital stroking.... Turned out pretty sweet though. Worthy of a full size share I think!

Lots of color, season starts a bit later up here.

Lunch break...

Some awesome views on the way out too!!!

Off to Laramie for water and ice top off, then back to the campsite for the evening.

If you've ever wondered what sort of area we look for in a campsite this will give you a good idea. Short video of the ride back to the tent.

Some pictures around the site.

Anybody know what animal did this? They were long gone, but I'm curious. Leave a comment!

Simple dinner, just some (kick ass) homemade green chili chicken pasole. Had tossed it in the cooler frozen before I left home. Yum.

Shaping up to be another great night. Stayed up reading pretty late, even got my book light out. Loads warmer too, a nice surprise. Man the stars! No coyotes tonight, but we did hear a few the following morning.

Up early Sunday morning, wanted to do a few loops before heading home. Cameron Pass, CO125 and Rocky Mountain National Park on the menu.

Perimeter secure.

Stopped on our way out with the morning sun

The Crags on Cameron Pass

Lunch spot by a creek a mile or two down a dirt Forest Service road off of CO125

Last picture, west side entrance to RMNP.

Full album

Excellent weekend. I could do this every day for the rest of my life.

What's next?

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