Wednesday, August 27, 2014

She Said Yes!! August 24

Karla and I got engaged last weekend in Yellowstone! While I'll be going through 15GB worth of photos and videos for the next few days I wanted to get these pictures up right away.

On Sunday, August 24th we were riding a southern loop of Yellowstone with loads of stops and short hikes to see some of the park highlights. The weather was cold (51 as a high) and drizzly. Made everything very dramatic and kept the crowds to a minimum, our kind of day! After a few stops it was time for lunch, so we took our sandwich supplies out with us to Artist Point.

Found this little trail that no one seems to be using, leading away from the main viewing area along the south rim of the Yellowstone Grand Canyon

Now that's lunch with a view!

After we finished eating something caught our eye. A bonded pair of Osprey hawks were soaring in the canyon! Circling together, skirting the rock outcrops for several minutes. While we watched we talked about how much we enjoyed our adventures together, that we wanted to continue to live like this.

(web image)

I certainly hadn't planned anything past always having the ring with me over the next 48 hours... This was perfect! But how in the world am I gonna get down on one knee without falling off the damn cliff?!?! I'm trying to glance down and find a spot without being completely obvious or missing the hawks and while continuing a conversation... It wasn't going well!

Chipmunk to the rescue!

"Oh look how cute you are," Karla said, turning around and moving up away from the edge. As she oogled the attention mongering chipmunk I got to adjust slightly and figure out how the heck to do this... *whew

When Karla turned back towards the canyon I said something that I can't remember now (LOL) and knelt.

"Will you marry me?"

I'm not sure she expected it!

"Oooo shiny!"

Rocking the chain grease under the fingernails

and helmet hair

We were both so overwhelmed with emotion we couldn't help but grin like idiots and do our best to not stumble down the hill

Pick up the phone mom!! (I called my parents too, but no pic)

Back at Artist Point we had two more important calls to make... LOL Karla couldn't get anyone to answer the phone! She finally got a hold of her best friend Liz after calling her husband...

I called my sister

And that was it! We spent the rest of the day not calling or texting or Facebooking. Just enjoyed the rest of the park together.

Did you know Ospreys mate for life?

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  1. Congratulations Ash and Karla, I am so happy to hear this great news. Wishing you all the best of luck and continued happiness. Stumper...........