Monday, December 9, 2013

Parade of Lights, Dec 6

The Parade of Lights downtown is the kickoff for our Christmas season. This year promised to be downright artic. No joke, the cold snap we experienced came straight down from the North Pole! Seemed an appropriate way to start the season, care of Santa and his elves! Our Christmas spirit was as strong as the weather, we couldn't wait to suit up and head downtown to kick of December properly! Some more brave souls, including Ethan's very pregnant wife Jen (she's awesome!), shared our excitement.

1 degree with snow crunching underfoot at the bus stop. Thermoses full of hot toddies of sorts drew our little smiley face.

Rabbit fur hats, one of the secrets s to enjoying cold weather!

Made it to the meetup a bit early, so snagged a spot for the rest of the group. Usually this area is 4+ people deep, clearly the temps kept most folks at home.

Here we go! That's Karla's brother Ethan in the orange jacket. Man must have a hyper-powered internal thermostat, every year he wears the same outfit! Superwoman Jen is seated. Back left is Joel, then Ethan and Jen's roomate Josh and his wife Meghan.

Jen is 8 months pregnant :) Next year we'll have a mini Elliot to enjoy the parade with us.

Yours truly :-D

The joy of the evening is best expressed through video, it's dark and the camera struggles to perform at -1. Ha, you could say the same of many things I bet. These are all short clips, most full of shenanigans, I hope you enjoy!

At some point a whole bunch of freaky ass clowns were in the parade. Yes. Freaky. Ass. Because all clowns give me the heebie-jeebies. Evidently Meghan felt the same way. We hid behind Josh praying Ethan would not attract undue attention to our group.

As previously mentioned, the parade was VERY small. Of course it's all volunteers that participate, so... The line of emergency vehicles with lights and sirens blaring is always a fan favorite. Not very many spectators this year either, but we certainly enjoyed these two EMT vehicles!

I doubt I'll be rid of this damn thing before next year's Parade of Lights....

LOL, I love what happens in this clip:

And the lowriders! They make a good show every year, but really had to be gentle on the hydrolics at -1F. Yes, I love lowriders. Yes, I'm from Albuquerque. Don't judge.

Santa came and went, clearly the smart man with his full beard to protect his face. His entourage didn't seem as jolly, but atleast they showed up. The rest of the crew parted ways to head home, Karla and I had an hour to kill before the bus. Not a problem for us! We made our way back to the 16th Street Mall, where we considered a snack and beverage at The Tilted Kilt. Lovely lady servers in there, but we go for the 24 beers on tap of course... Too many layers to shed to be comfortable and didn't care to miss our bus, so we had a seat and snacked on some popcorn we packed. I'm sure we got loads of strange looks just sitting outside!

Next we wandered closer to the bus stop and what did we find??

Off goes Inspector Gadget....

I never, ever would've guessed this.... There was a professional yodeler inside! Full band and everything! Surmised only by the noise coming from the massive tent. We had to keep from laughing too hard for fear we would be discovered.

"Go go gadget slide down the railing!"

I'm not sure how this got started, but I love her for it:

We were having so much fun we almost missed our ride!! Crap!! Thankfully we saw it just as it was pulling up and there was another rider waiting to board so it paused at our stop. Whew! How would we ever explain THAT to Luke? (Don't worry, he's tucked in safe and sound in the kitchen with his bed, blanket sweatshirt and space heater) Bouncing up the stairs we go, a few stops later check out what joined us... Incredibly lifelike, mouth that moved with his and even a very realistic tongue. Takes all kinds! Nice kid, happily offered to have his photo taken. (Darn foggy lense)

My snow angel from Thursday is still there! Karla added her signature. Aw.

Another reason videos are easier in the dark in these temps....

Finally home, Karla found a great way to warm her cheeks!

What a blast. A unique experience this year that's for sure! The night was made not by the parade but by the company. Merry Christmas!


  1. We bailed on our Red Lodge Christmas Stroll SAT... it was -22 and the roads are solid ice so we Turkeyed out.

    1. Of course not comparing our temperature extreme to others farther north, but it was cold for Denver!