Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

Karla got Black Friday off!!

Karla got Black Friday off!!

Karla got Black Friday off!!

Can you tell what I'm super thankful for this year?? :-D Luke came down with us too, as fantastic as our house sitter is I don't like him being without atleast one of us these days. My sister's fiance Sammy and his family came down from Santa Fe for Thanksgiving dinner, the first of what I hope is a new tradition! It was great to get to spend some time with his mom and sister. He then stayed at my folks' house for a few nights, one big family. Great Thanksgiving.


Gram taught me to do the turkey, I have loads of fun doing it. Especially when Alli is in the room squealing when it makes slurping noises. Hehehehehe. Mom's a huge help prepping everything that goes in the bird, plus has almost every other dish ready to go beforehand. Super mom!

(I look like I'm wearing an apron dress with a hula hoop underneath. Not sure how that happened... LOL)


Luke's helping... We were clearly unsuccessful in enforcing the "no kitchen" rule. :-p

Karla got the action shot!! "Ok mom, you stabilize the pan... One, two, three, bird in the roaster!"

Every Thanksgiving we get family photos, just the four of us. It was great having Karla down to take them so we could do it outside in natural light! We took a couple, but I think I like this one the best.

Alli got a picture of Karla, Luke and I. Awwww.

Dinner time! Dad does the carving and I get to help, been that way as long as I can remember.

Alli helping at the other end

Again, can't say enough how great it was to have Sammy's mom Annette and sister Katie with us this year!!

Here's Katie, Annette and Alli doing who knows what...

Katie, Alli, Sammy, Annette, and mom.

Karla, Alli and Annette.

Got the whole gang together for a group picture!! My camera struggled a bit, so not the best quality, but we'll work with what we have. :) FANTASTIC evening.

Annette and Katie headed back up to Santa Fe, Sammy stayed down with us for a few days. Here we all are drunk on turkey, post dishes. Many hands made light work.

No pre dawn Black Friday shopping for me this year, nothing we needed. Well, we did pick up some oil and filters for the car like I do every year, and stopped by Cycle Gear but didn't buy a thing. Back home to enjoy a beautiful day. Karla took these as we walked Luke around my parents' complex.

LOTS of Sandhill Cranes this time of year, if we saw one we saw 50 every day...

One of my parent's cats, Grace, enjoying the sun. Their other cat is too shy, never see much of her. Once Grace realized her chattering and hissing at Luke wasn't actually going to bring any results, she opted to act as if he wasn't there. LOL!

Alli cooking!! Had to share a picture. Lol, she's a great cook, we just like to poke fun. ;-)

Dad and Sammy enjoying each others company.


Luke got plenty of attention, but he says not nearly enough turkey.

Snapped a great picture of Alli and Sammy before they headed north.

Karla and I got back late Sunday night. Easy drive, traffic flowed well and we had a great sunset. Really a top notch weekend!

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