Friday, November 19, 2010

What a ride it's been....

I brought my 1994 Honda ST1100 home March 19, 2009 with 46,651 miles.

As of this week, with 89,273 miles, she has been retired from service due to a major breakdown.

She has stranded me only once and has taken me places and let me see things I never thought I imagined I would. I have never put as many miles on a bike as I have on this one! It also opened up the ST-owners community to me as well, something I will never regret. Not only this, but she has been just as comfortable for Karla as she has been for me.

So this blog, after an almost fanatical 2 month run, will lay dormant until I have the fortune to return to two wheels. 
Thank you to all who have followed along!

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