Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top Gun Police Motorcycle Competition, June 5th

Met up with several friends and went to watch the annual Top Gun Motorcycle competition. Usually every area of the state will bring riders out to compete. We go often and really enjoy it. These sort of competitions are held all over the United States!

This was a friend of a friend (Aurora PD), did a rather spectacular drop towards the end of the video (he's fine).

They also ran a new thing called "tandem" or something like that. Kinda a drill team exercise. It was neat! The point was to cross the cones at the same time.


Outlaw's Honda Sabre, my Ninja 650R, Swivel's Victory Vision

Our friends Timmy and Brandi's new son, Kyser

I felt bad for these guys taking their MSF basic course just next door! Talk about pressure. (The Motorcycle Safety Foundation basic course is similar to driving school for motorcycles)

Did I mention this is awesome to watch??

Beverly Hillbillies style.... I bought 100+ shop towels to use lubing my chain for $10...

Oh, and while Outlaw, Karla and I were waiting for Swivel (ahem), I scooted off to figure out how to get into the parking lot (there was construction). Well, Karla and I both failed to take off her seat pad. I got back and.... See it in the road? We have a little fixing to do...

Full slideshow, 32 photos:

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