Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July Fireworks

Now, the boys have been around fireworks since I've had them, as I love the 4th of July. They've seen big shows all the way down to our little driveway ones back in Loveland. We took them with us this year up to Golden to watch the show.

Now, if any of you have tried to take photographs of fireworks you know it just doesn't work without a good tripod, which we don't have. Soo, no fireworks photographs. Here is one of Luke, Kodi and I waiting for the show. We watched it from the historical park in Golden, which has some of the original buildings from the town which was founded in 1859.

Now the real kicker? Listen to Luke during the fireworks!! He didn't raise his hackles, but was doing a very good job of protecting us. LOL! Good boy!

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