Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall colors, October 2011

Get some beautiful fall colors up here! Not like the east coast, but still worth seeing. The trick is they don't last very long, maaaaybe 7 days. So you have to be quick to go see them, and careful to dodge everyone else out leaf watching!

John and Angie invited me on a ride Saturday, October 1st, the perfect weekend for color up along 9500 feet, specifically the Peak-to-Peak scenic byway. We headed up through Evergreen then did a bit of the scenic byway. Karla was working, thank you to Angie for these photos!

Had some lunch at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, and look at this beauty parked out front!

Slideshow of Angie's photos... Thanks again Angie!

The next day, after recovering from a birthday party the night before, Karla hopped on the Ninja with me camera ready to do some more viewing! I'll post a smattering of photos, be sure to check out the slideshow of her shots if you want more.

Beautiful. Chilly. Some rain. LOADS of people.

Want one! LOL. Found it cutting through the backroads in Nederland. The road in was stop and go traffic 2 miles out. Evidently everyone came up on the roundabout (no stoplight in Nederland) and panicked. What a pain!

Plenty of bikes out

Best shot of the whole day!

Link to Karla's Photos

Great days, great rides. As of the next weekend, all these areas got snow and high winds. Haven't been back up, but I'm assuming the leaves have all fallen to the ground!

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