Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Saaaave the Cinnamon Rolls!" Ride, Oct 22

Ok, well if you haven't seen the movie Julie and Julia (or don't find it as hilarious as we do) then the post title won't make a darn lick of sense! Too bad so sad, GO RENT THE MOVIE! Smilies

Back on topic here, Glen Haven General Store is open through the end of October and doesn't re-open until May. We always have this rush of "must get cinnamon rolls!" right before they close, you know, the usual panic that you can't possibly survive until May without just one more. Shocked Also had an invite from a friend for a BBQ at his place and an opportunity to move the TAG. Oh yeah, we were all in!  Smiley

I had also finally taken the time to apply a "permanent" 3M adhesive mounting plate for my GoPro camera. Previously I had been using the suction cup mount, which is a pain to get aimed correctly and requires a safety strap as it doesn't always stick! I found I really wasn't using the camera much at all, admittedly out of pure laziness. 30 min in the garage running back and forth checking possible spots with test photos and I had it. This was the first test ride! Unfortunately I'm still getting used to using the camera, so chose the wrong setting after one stop and didn't get any photos of one leg of the ride.Hissy Fit

On to the ride!

Some GoPro photos heading up to Glen Haven from Loveland, had the camera set to take a still every 10 seconds.

Destination! Lots of folks there doing exactly what we were.... Chatted with a nice couple that live in Loveland and ride as well, although they had driven up this morning.

Now this next bit is when I forgot to set the GoPro to take photos every 10 seconds... Instead it just took one and then turned itself off.

Beautiful ride through Estes Park, we take a back way that spits you out right in front of the Stanley Hotel. Look who we found! I think he was smiling for the photos.

View from my Ninja:

View from Karla's XJ:

These big elk are a very common sight, but we have yet to tire of them!

Our next stop was the Jamestown Mercantile Cafe for the new TAG, which included just over 2 miles of smoothed dirt road to test the GoPro mount on. Of course, no photos along the way, but the mount did great!

What a cute little town... There are neat tiny mountain towns and there are creapy tiny mountain towns, Colorado has plenty of both. Jamestown definitely fell into the "neat" category. No stop lights, one stop sign, resident dogs keeping an eye on things (sweet little guy named "Dude" kept us company for a while) and fairly friendly locals (often times they are pretty quiet with visitors).

On our way to our friend's BBQ, I remembered to set the camera correctly. Good thing, this was a fun canyon! We hadn't ridden it before because of the 2 miles of dirt, let me tell ya, totally worth it.

The BBQ was delicious, our friend Harry makes a fantastic smoked pork shoulder. Got to see some friends we haven't seen in a while too, always a nice surprise. Karla continued from there to a going away part for a friend, I turned in early. A great day!

Full slideshow of 65 photos.

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