Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mom and Dad Visit, Oct 7-9 and Halloween Decorations!

Mom and Dad drove up for a great visit last weekend! My camera is out for repair, but Mom shared her photos so these are all from her. Thanks Mom!

Friday night we met up for dinner at Steuben's, which Dad has dubbed our "Flying Star of Denver." Deliciuos, but no photos.

Saturday the weather (rain, upper 30 degrees) kept us indoors. Karla and I took Dad to Wings Over the Rockies museum, we had never been! Unfortunately, he forgot Mom's camera, so we don't have any photos. It's a great local museum, we really enjoyed ourselves. Alli and Mom got their nails done and had a dress altered, Sammy had suits to pick up. We all met up at Biker Jim's Hot Dogs for lunch. DE-LI-CIOUS. Karla and I will be back. Unfortunately, Mom didn't take any pictures. Next, we went to the Hammond's Candy Factory for their free factory tour, but they were closed because of a power outage. No photos again, sorry. We split up for naps and errand running, then met for dinner at Cucina Colore in Cherry Creek for an Italian dinner. Nope, no photos, but fun dinner.

The next morning we were up early (brr) for Alli's half marathon! What a great time. Beautiful morning, fun race, and yay some photos!

Everyone rotated keeping Alli warm before the start of the race!

Prepared for post-race tummy issues

There were more than 15,000 entrants! AND a new record was set for the Denver marathon time.

Here we go!

A good start! We had some time to kill, then could walk a few blocks to catch Alli around the 4 mile mark.


Waiting to see Alli! Karla and I devised a fool proof way for her to see us!

Here she comes!

Did a layer handoff, and off she goes!

Go Alli go! We also caught her running down the hill towards the finish line. I will tell you right now, I sure as heck wouldn't be smiling!! She's awesome.

She ran a great race!

Time to stretch

And try and take care of the stomach (for whatever reason, her stomach hates running)

And pose for photos

Then back to Steuben's for breakfast! YUMMY.

We split up for a few hours for naps, showers, etc, then all met up at the Rock Creek Farm between Denver and Boulder for some pumpkin picking! Karla and I really like this farm, this is our second year coming.

Too funny not to post!

Oh yeah!!

Alli picking out some decorations for their party

Everyone came to our house after for snacks and beverages. Alli and Sammy were only able to stay for a while, as Alli had a plane to catch for a work trip (boo). Mom, Dad, Karla and I opted to cancel our dinner reservation and just hang out at the house until about 8 or so, when Mom and Dad headed back to the hotel for an a.m. departure drive home. Thanks everyone for coming over! Mom got some photos of our decorations.

Our "captain morgan" skeleton, but he kept loosing his hat!

Meet Fluffy!

You've been warned....

This little guy hangs on the back of the bedroom door, and is activated by sound. His eyes light up, he bounces all over the place and growls! Got a good scare out of Mom, the perfect spot for him behind a towel. LOL!

Also in the bathroom....

Yes, we got Dad a chair.....

Here's a shot of the control tower at the small airport in Colorado Springs, Mom took this on their drive home on Monday the 10th. See all the snow? That was all from Saturday. Pikes Peak in the background.

Here's a slideshow of Mom's photos, thank you again for sharing them!

It was a great weekend, everyone had fun! We'll be sure to catch the Hammond's Candy tour next time.

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