Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What do you do on an 80 degree day at the end of October??

No joke, on October 24th we set a new heat record: 80 degrees! Well dang, it's the end of October, there was a snowstorm scheduled to hit 2 days later, so I was gonna take the Ninja dancing come hell or high water! Excuse? Needed to deliver some green chili to John down at work in Littleton. Excuse enough for me!

Squeeeeeeeeeeeze in here to turn the GoPro on....

Hit the road

Top off the tank

Up to Golden

Coors Brewery...

Through Coors Brewery....

Lookout Mountain! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. This road is really fun, however you have to ride it during the week and before everyone gets off work. After 5pm and on weekends it's full of tourists and bicyclists, often NOT riding single file. Road is a death trap on the weekends I figure.

This one just turned out neat....

Hopped on I-70 for one exit, then off into Evergreen. This really is a beautiful place to ride. Loads of backroads, beautiful views, some incredible upper class neighborhoods and some old farms. Gotta watch out, there's always sand in some corners, but hey, it's NOT a race track.

 Up over Black Mountain Drive, which is really fun.

And back down going the fun way to Littleton to meet up with John.

 LOADS of other bikes out enjoying the weather

 Excellent ride on a freak warm day.

Full slideshow of 87 photos.

 No green chilis were harmed during the filming of this blog post.

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