Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Snow! Oct 26

The first storm of the season rushed in before even all the leaves had turned colors! Bad news for lots of folks, especially up in Loveland, Ft. Collins and Greeley where they got a foot or more. Thankfully it didn't take too long for people to get power back. We were lucky, only a few blips of the lights throughout the day.

Woke up Wednesday morning to find a few inches already on the ground. The roads and sidewalks were still warm (remember my last blog post?) so the drive in wasn't going to be too bad for Karla. Snow was definitely coming down good, about an inch or a little more per hour.

This little guy was a gift to Karla from our friend Liz, she and Dan recently got married and went to Disneyland for their honeymoon. I think he much prefers Disneyland...

Kept falling....

And falling...

You can see why a lot of people lost power!

Finally quit late afternoon, we ended up with about 8".

Sorry, no family photos in the snow like you've seen in the past. It seems Kodi has gotten to the age where playing in the snow is no longer on his agenda.

We realized the next morning Karla forgot to do something....

Doh!Good thing she didn't need them!

Beautiful sunrise, no clouds. Warmed up quick over the next few days, so most of the snow melted pretty quick. Still some snow piles in parking lots and in the shade today left over from this storm, and we've got another one rolling in tonight/tomorrow.

Full slideshow of 24 photos.

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