Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Celebrations!

We had the pleasure of having several other couples join us for dinner and a show downtown the Saturday before Halloween. What a GREAT evening! Couldn't have gone better. We all met up for dinner at the Tilted Kilt, from left to right it's Ditch (Pete) and Amy, JoJo, Dan and Tracy, Karla and I, Liz, Darlene and Brad and our other friend Dan (Liz's hubby) is taking the picture. Great group, loads of laughs and conversation. I hope we get to do it again soon! Albeit maybe not in costume, that could get awkward....

Karla and Liz, best friends :)

Darlene and Brad (sorry, color in the photo is way off!)

Dan and Tracy

Dan and Liz

Ditch and Amy

Next stop was Lannies Clocktower Cabaret, in the basement of the clocktower downtown that was built in 1910! It's an incredible room, very small, with great service and shows in the true old style of cabaret! They're very proud of what they do and I think they do a great job. Here's a stock photo from their website of the room from the stage. Keep in mind they are completely decorated for Halloween when we were there!

Unfortunately Dan, Tracy and JoJo couldn't join us as they hadn't bought tickets soon enough (the event sells out), hopefully they come next year! Everyone else managed to secure tickets. It was a long, 3/4 of a block walk from dinner to the show, LOL!

Did I mention it's a rather tight space? LOL!

Ha, a HYSTERICAL comedy skit had me in stitches. Here is Dr. Frankenstein animating his monster... See what perked up? LOL!!

Karla and I were called on stage for a costume contest!! I was sorting through the photos and check these out... It looks like I'm doing a great job checking out some boobies! (I swear I'm not that bad! But these pics are too funny not to post!!)

On my right....

Aaaaaand on my left....

Thank god they called Karla up to come to my rescue. LOL. See the "invisible man" standing next to us? He's the guy who won!

Yep, she was hands down the best looking woman up there...

It was a great show, Karla and I really enjoyed ourselves. Next we went down to Coyote Ugly for a round, but everybody was pretty tired so that didn't last long! Well, not everyone was tired, hahaha!

So off we went! Some folks went to the Denver Diner, while Karla and I realized we had somehow managed to perfectly time things to catch the next bus home! Check out this guy we saw on the street. Wow!

Yep. Just about a perfect night. Hope to do it again next year!

Full slideshow of 34 photos.

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