Monday, March 12, 2012

Eastern Wandering with Karla, March 11

After enjoyig a Saturday in the upper 60s working on bikes (garage is too cold and impossible to heat, so bike maintenance waits for warm weather), Sunday was time to ride! We got up bright and early, with intention of hitting some mountain roads as they were nice and clear. Man that time change makes for a rough morning! Noticed it was cloudy when we got up, no problem, supposed to get nice and warm. Got dressed, lunch packed, bikes ready to go. I step outside and it smells like rain. Look west to the mountains where we planned on riding... Uh oh, better go check the radar... Didn't look great, so we decided to give it an hour and see what happened. We had invited a bunch of friends to join us but no one accepted, so thankfully this meant we didn't have to try and get a hold of anyone. It was all ok, Karla made chocolate chip pancakes! YUMMY! After an hour the radar was still spotty to the west, and cold enough up there that any snow melt across the road might still be ice without the sun to melt it. No problem, we'll go east, away from the clouds!

We ended up wandering all over the place, on quite a few dirt roads. It was Karla's first time taking her new bike out on gravel roads, no better time than the present to see how it does! Total miles only 160, we stopped a lot! What a great, relaxing day. On to the photos!

I took us out to the Front Range Airport first. I've ridden past it a bunch, but never stopped in.

This guy was camouflage!

We think this guy was a student, they did a touch and go

There's an old National Guard Armory out here too. This thing looked small, till Karla got next to it!

Next we got as close as we could to the final approach at DIA. Not as close as you can get if they are coming in from the east. Running south to north today, BUT that means they can run two finals at a time, so more to watch! Bummer being the touch down was just past this little rise, so we couldn't see it. We definitely couldn't get any closer though, and all the dirt roads had big private property signs.

That was a Frontier plane, wanna guess what the animal on the tail was? Here's a hint from Karla:

We headed north-northeast from here, exploring some side roads as we went. Riding out here can be fun with the right company!

Flushed out some deer

Big rack on this guy

Heading back to the bigger road

After I came down Karla said, "ah man, when you said you were videoing I shouldn't have taken the smooth route!" LOL!

Found a spot for lunch. Tucked in with a small oil rig, as the mounts created when they cleared the plot made for a nice wind break. Man it was WARM once you got out of the cold breeze!

That's Denver International in the background

More wandering, and another stop to shed a few layers and discuss how the ZR-7 (Karla's bike) was doing on the gravel

Lots of hangers, a windsock, what looked like the top bit of a control tower and even some planes. What we couldn't find was the dirt runway...

I guess they just levitated... Like Harriers...

Next we headed north, then west to Longmont for a stop at Left Hand Brewery for some refreshment. I knew they had plenty of outdoor seating, perfect for basking in the warm sun.

Here's a stock photo, cause I forgot to take one! We parked in the spaces just to the right.


After a beer and a glass of water each, feeling like crocodiles soaking up the sun, we headed further west to hook up with some nice two laners to take us south home. We topped it off with dinner of huge salads and watched the movie Red (it's hilaroius!). What a fantastic day!

Full slideshow of 27 photos here.


  1. Nice report!

    That old airport probably just uses the road...That's how they used to do it where I grew up!

    1. Probably! I'm just not sure there was a wide enough swath on either side.

      Thanks for reading the report!

    2. Love the Report - enjoyed the Alaskan one too as I have ridden from Flushing MI to Arctic Circle on the Dalton. Harley was not impressed with the Dalton or the road over the mountains to Chicken either.

    3. The Alaskan one? We haven't been to Alaska, so confused at to what you are speaking of.

    4. It's nice to share a little of you and Karla's day. Thanks!

  2. Smash-looks like you had a GREAT time. I just love it when Carole and I go out riding so I know just how you feel when you and Karla go out.

    1. It is great! With the intercoms now I don't miss her riding with me as much.

  3. Know what ya mean. Would be lost without our Scala's.

    1. Hell, we would get lost just trying to PARK until we got the Sena's!