Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cabela's Ride March 24

Saturday, March 24th Karla and I invited a bunch of friends to join us on a ride to the Cabela's headquarters store in Sidney, Nebraska. Karla had never been, and their display of stuffed animals really is something to see! The store itself is neat but not that huge, I don't make any special trips there to buy things. Most items can be found here in Denver at Bass Pro Shops, which is about the same size or maybe even a little bigger than the Sidney Cabela's.

John was the only person to take us up on the offer, it made for a nice little group for the day!

We met up at a truck stop on the north east side of town, riding through Denver is no fun with more than 2 bikes. Saw 3 or 4 other bikes pull in and out of the truck stop, and get this, they ALL had ape hangers! For those not familiar with ape hangers, they are really high handlebars, usually atleast at shoulder level.

  • Karla: Why do all the bikes out here have ape hangers?
  • Me: Cause there aren't any turns out here! 

Now I've never ridden a bike with ape hangers, but they seem like a purely cosmetic modification with likely detrimental handling effects to me...

We stopped about half way for a bathroom break and a fuel top off for John's motorcycle. John had a McDonald's urge to satisfy.

 You know you're in farm country when...


He even shared some chicken nuggets. Hot!

 Photo op at the border. Haha, it looks like Karla's resting and John's popping his back. What guys, did I wear you out already?? 

Karla's thoughts on the rather dramatic headwind....

The ride actually was quite pleasant.  As long as you don't have to spend a 600 mile day riding across the plains, especially on an interstate, riding out here can be very nice. Great view of the mountains for a while, plenty of small towns, farms, etc. Now the smells? Well... It's fertilizing season... We all agreed it's a bad sign when you pass a dead skunk on the road and think, "huh, that doesn't smell too bad at all." 

Popped around the side of the building to find a good spot for lunch. Once you got out of the cool wind, man did that sun feel good!

John opted to go get McDonald's again, he hadn't packed a lunch. You can imagine how 2x McDonald's in one day went later...  

Cabela's signature statue. You can tell how big it is by the size of the big park benches:

It's been years since I've been in this store, but the displays still didn't disappoint! How about some photos...

Haha, Karla sees the moose and in her best Brother Bear (movie) moose impression: "They stuffed me eh!"  I almost died laughing....

Same pose as the statue out front:

Can you imagine the poor guy that had to stuff this??

Uneventful and rather beautiful ride home, watching the Rockies slowly come into view. The tail wind was nice too! I don't know if we'll head back anytime soon, as it's not really a shopping destination as we have great local offerings. Was absolutely worth the trip though, and what a beautiful day!

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